Thursday, January 10, 2008

Religion: the press and most voters just don’t get it
That is, they don’t get a neutral, constitutional system; either that or the mainstream media like the pols are throwing in this distraction. These five questions shouldn’t inevitably lead to either the establishment right or left. Logically either side could agree on libertarianism.

Interestingly but not surprisingly many Roman Catholics don’t vote for Huckabee even though his Christian well-meant domestic statism is something a union Rust Belt Democrat (often orthodox in religion) would like; the cultural divide with Protestantism is too much. (My distinction: RCs as a whole are not in the Protestant religious right; many practising, often orthodox ones are.)

Me on the matter to Tripp

Public radio mocks orthodox Christianity: that ain’t funny
I didn’t hear it; I’ve only read about it there. It seems the kind of ridicule ‘The Simpsons’ does better: it has Ned Flanders (nearly always conservative) or Revd Lovejoy (either conservative or mainline liberal depending on the joke, like the sea captain, yarrr*, who alternates between being the real thing and a fraud who only runs a fish restaurant) use Catholic trappings in a punch-line. Here you’ve got snobs for Obama or Clinton telling a not very clever in-joke about a candidate their fans won’t vote for anyway, a kind of nastiness that only endears him more to his fan base.

The mixing of faiths makes sense.
Some groups are sacrosanct to the media. Orthodox Catholics and conservative Evangelicals aren’t among them.
‘You all look alike to me anyway.’

I imagine neocons tell these jokes behind candidates’ and voters’ backs.

*The pirate accent, set in the public imagination because one of the early film actors who played Long John Silver was from Dorset.

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