Monday, May 11, 2009

From RR
  • Autism can be beat. Research suggests at least 10 percent of children with autism can “recover” from it — most after undergoing years of intensive behavioral therapy.
  • ‘Star Trek’ utopia. This MSNBC article veers left (which is what ‘Trek’ is, the mainstream Cold Warrior/Great Society liberalism of the 1960s) then right (only the writer doesn’t know it); the writer doesn’t realise that (as the JBS’s New American taught me) the (1960s US) government of ‘the good guys’ is... totalitarian. Egalitarianism of course is unfair and a lie (which even the inventors of this fantasy world don’t believe: Kirk and Picard got where they were on merit) and the show was anything but non-violent! Daniel Larison has more here and here. (Just like its model this make-believe government ignores its stated rule, the ‘palæo-con non-interventionist’ Prime Directive.) The film’s writers (I’ve not seen it) erased the old show’s history thus: a wizard did it!
  • Re-reading ‘Little Orphan Annie’. It was one of the few popular voices raised in opposition to the New Deal. The treacly 1977 Broadway musical “Annie” and the film adaptation that followed five years later glorified a lovable Franklin Delano Roosevelt. “Annie” creator Harold Gray (1894-1968) would have been appalled. “I... have despised Roosevelt and his socialist, or creeping communist, policies since 1932, and said so in my stuff,” Gray once wrote.
  • The rule of the ‘experts’. Justin Raimondo’s latest.
  • Aren’t you afraid of the left? Libertarian provisional working alliances with them can work but as always watch your back.
  • UL, an unsung hero of the market economy. The firm was formed in 1894 to deal with the dangers posed by the dramatic increase in the use of electricity. Today, it employs 4,000 scientists, engineers, and safety specialists to render an independent verdict on hundreds of thousands of products. It is privately owned, financed, and operated.
  • US foreign policy caused the Taleban problem. Bush went to war without the constitutionally required congressional declaration of war. The reason that Bush ousted the Taliban from office was that the Taliban regime refused to comply with his unconditional demand to deliver Osama bin Laden to U.S. officials after the 9/11 attacks. The Taliban responded to Bush’s demand by asking him to furnish evidence of bin Laden’s complicity in the 9/11 attacks. Upon receipt of such evidence, they offered to turn him over to an independent tribunal instead of the United States. Bush never explained why the Taliban’s conditions were unreasonable.
  • Academic fraud. The great college swindle revisited: grade inflation.
  • Libertarians say ‘we have no desire to take from you what is yours’ and are called ‘greedy’. Libertarians say ‘we have no desire to run your life for you’ and are called ‘arrogant’. Orwell would be proud of modern political debate because it so closely mirror the doublespeak he wrote about in 1984. Libertarians are constantly accused of saying the exact opposite of what libertarians actually are saying.

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