Tuesday, August 16, 2011

No sale
  • Richard Viguerie: no third-party bolt option and come on in, LPers. I know we won’t win (my prediction: white guilt will hand the sad clown another term like it did the Nobel Prize) but the third-party option is fine. For example if Paul doesn’t get the GOP nod and doesn’t go LP again (he’s also a life LP member) or run independently and if the LP runs a real libertarian this time (not a ringer like Barr the ‘fakertarian’). The GOP always impersonates us when it’s out of power. Reagan and the Bushes didn’t deliver. Clinton did in spite of himself (granted, thanks to Gingrich and company): best president in decades. Rothbard got his hopes up at the end of his life with the end of Communism and the Cold War, jumping to the GOP to ally with Buchanan. Like Paul I’m a funny Republican and have been most of my life (voted for Reagan) for local legal reasons but I won’t get played. (First voted LP for pres in ’92.) Staying home, which I did for the first time in ’08, is another good choice.
  • Distributism again. Enough already. The smear from drawbridge orthodox Catholics (as opposed to other orthodox Catholics) is we economic Austrians/classical liberals are dissenters from doctrine just like mainliners, contracepters or pro-aborts. Sorry, Charlie. Politically I’m secular without apology (John Courtney Murray and, yes, Vatican II were right: holy mother church does best in freedom when people belong by free will), doctrine is only to do with goals (help the poor etc.) not the means to them (you can be dead wrong on the means and still be orthodox), there’s no Catholic economics just like there’s no Catholic astronomy (myth notwithstanding there was never any doctrine about geocentrism; doctrine works both with that and heliocentrism) and when distributist arts-and-crafters make good, must-have products lots of people want to buy, we’ll talk again.
  • Again, I’m a pre-/non-V2 liberal! Hooray for religious liberty and ecumenism (teach all nations; you-come-in-ism). Chant Masses with congregational responses. Let’s have the choice to do some of it in English. Married priests for the Roman Rite? Sure, why not think about it? Called loony liberal then but reactionary now. They changed, not me.

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