Sunday, August 14, 2011

‘Yes’, he said cheerfully. ‘The hats are taking over.’

All the fedoras. So far? But I think I’m done. That’s what I said last time I got one. Like Michael Corleone said about the business, every time I try to stop I get pulled back in. I’m set. Three are real period, 50-55 years old (a Dobbs, a Christys and a Champ – I also have a rather new Dobbs, identical to the old ones), two are sturdy foul-weather/travel (you don’t have to worry about soaking or crushing them) and two are straw summer ones I wear without a tie or suit. Found the brown Dobbs creased backwards so the bow was on the right like a woman’s hat! Fixed that as soon as I saw it. Thanks, Savioni and Love Saves the Day of New Hope.

Update: Hat No. 9, a Stetson. A gift.

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