Monday, September 05, 2011

‘A force for good in the world’ – not
Justin Raimondo on America’s longtime Christian heresy – interventionism, beloved of progressives (another form of that heresy) except when Republicans do it, or the devil’s parody of evangelism – and its blowback. From LRC.

Qaddafi was their sumbitch. He never had a missile aimed at me so I didn’t care. As the LRC blog explains, as he got older he wanted to be do some good and, of course, stay in power so he tried to play nice with the US (look where that got Saddam Hussein) and be a sort of pan-African great statesman. But it seems the Arab Libyans want no part of black Africa so now that Q’s out, you have the irony of the first black US president responsible for anti-black backlash. But American voters don’t care about actual actions and results. They vote for Obama because it makes them feel good (a distortion of a truth: the black man’s individual liberty is a noble cause). And so it goes on.

I wised up when I read The Quiet American in 1984 (also when I read 1984: formative). Where were O and company?

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