Friday, September 02, 2011

From Lew Rockwell’s Political Theatre
  • Ron Paul on NPR.
  • Coming not to honour three conservative icons but to bury them: Bachmann compares herself to Thatcher. Can Michele really be that bad? After all, Maggie was a bank-owned, warmongering, centralizing, taxing, spending British version of her imperial cohort, Reagan. And like Ronnie, she used libertarian lingo to disguise her neocon ways. They step it up of course when the other party’s the government but as recently as about 20 years ago Cheney and 11 years ago Bush the younger talked sense about being against nation-building and being for a humbler foreign policy. This funny Republican won’t get played again. BTW yes to defending her own people in the Falklands; geographically it should be part of Argentina but the people are not; Argentines don’t live there. That was a feel-good war to prop up the Galtieri junta, which backfired of course when they lost.
  • Goldwater. Too bad, says the head of the Lincoln Institute, Ron is not a warmonger like Barry (or Abe). Of course, Barry – the one time I voted: what a mistake – was not Barry either. He was the typical stato-Republican before 1960 and after 1964, and always chillingly pro-death right right across the board: war, capital punishment, abortion. I am not sure about euthanasia, but I believe he was in favor of that too, at least later on. But from 1960 to 1964, he pretended to be a domestic libertarian, helped along by Brent Bozell’s great book, Conscience of a Conservative. Those were never Barry’s views, however. It was all a political trick. Ron, on the other hand, is the real deal. The only similarity is that Ron, too, can be the nominee. Johnson’s daisy commercial (which Bill Moyers worked on) was still slanderous though. He was a shoo-in anyway because of JFK (ironic since they hated each other). The Dems’ ads then (from one of the imaginary Sterling Cooper’s rivals?) were well-made, appealing to decent people by appealing to the noble causes of both peace (nobody remembers that Vietnam was a liberal cause and that the John Birch Society was divided on it) and the black man’s liberty (which the left’s race laws aren’t really about; how about no race laws?).
  • BTW a man I’m proud to have voted for, ’04 Libertarian presidential candidate Michael Badnarik, is gravely ill; prayers.

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