Friday, October 07, 2011

  • The holy rosary. I say it the 19th-century/Irish Legion of Mary way, underscoring that it’s a convenient substitute for the office; also why I don’t do the Luminous Mysteries. The office today sounds Easter triumphant not only because of the Glorious Mysteries but because it’s a feast celebrating a 1500s Christian naval win over the Turks, Our Lady of Victory or Victories. Also, note that you don’t have to pray the rosary, only believe in the mysteries it’s about. And mother church never forgets: the early martyrs SS. Sergius, Bacchus, Marcellus and Apuleius, whose older feast-day is today, are commemorated.
  • Patrimony: small parish (yes, that abused word, ‘community’), married priest (optional; for now only for converts; given Anglicanism’s problem, according to the church, about homosexuality, a good way to keep it in line with the church on that), a touch of English class, and the English language, but other than that, 19th-century Roman Catholicism on steroids. It’s not Anglicanism but something some Anglicans invented some time ago that suits the church.
  • Corapi. Midlife crisis. What else is new? As Roissy wrote of Charlie Sheen: a jerk? Crazy? Probably. A man? You bet. AFAIK, even now, he has never attacked the teachings of the church (to excuse himself for example).

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