Saturday, October 01, 2011

From a teacher
Most teachers I know don’t want more funds allocated to education. You are confusing us with upper administration (because that’s how they get paid). Teachers yell about funds because they aren’t allowed to even hint that the problem might lie with the kids and their families. What most teachers want is a different distribution of funds as well as a different work environment.

I can do my job in any old room with a chalk board and a set of textbooks. Heck, I’ll buy all the creative supplies since I’m used to it already. You can take away my smart board, but can you, please, hire someone to supervise the detention room? (Can we have a detention room?) Hire 10 of these people; I’ll take a pay cut. Also, I deserve every second of my vacation time and more. However, if we could take all the special kids out of the regular classrooms, group students by ability, end social promotion, allow failing grades and put violent criminals somewhere else, I don’t think I’d need two and a half months to recover. Two weeks would probably suffice.

In conclusion, you are right. Schools aren’t magic. They are just places where kids go to learn stuff. Just showing up won’t change anyone’s life, won’t make up for shitty parenting or fix mental issues/emotional trauma/violent nature. And, as you said, having access to quality education (as
all Americans do) won’t stand in the way of one’s dream of ending up in jail.
From Steve Sailer.

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