Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Pope meets Metropolitan Hilarion: the usual
Nastydox on graceless heretics and starry-eyed Catholics including convert Greek Catholics (the ethnics couldn’t care less) on how moving and momentous it all is. It isn’t.

The only real difference between the two sides, sacramentally the same church as Rome and I believe, remains, unless one side caves. A one true church can do no less.

Some commenters are right that the Russians should stop making asses of themselves by blaming the Ukrainian Uniates. Bullsh*t. The Soviets stole; you were the bagmen; the Greek Catholics took back. The end. So shut up.

That said, again Greek Catholic is Byzantine Novus Ordo and as annoying as the Orthodox can be (the converts are much the same personalities as young men like John Walker Lindh who jump head-first into exotic religions like Islam) I don’t want to see the Greeks and Russians, nice grassroots traditionalists (Orthodoxy’s selling point), end up like that, altar girls, agitators for women’s ordination and all.

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