Wednesday, December 07, 2011

From Dr Tighe
  • Gay/straight groups required in Ontario Catholic schools. Question: why don’t these schools simply refuse public funding, and take whatever consequences ensue? You’d think taking Caesar’s coin is a higher priority than refusing to promote perversion. Right, Bill, and that strikes me about the history of Catholic schools in America. The immigrants saved their pennies to start them because they didn’t want the government schools, because the government schools in practice were Protestant. They then have spent many years... trying to get funded by the government.
  • Perversion promoted at ‘Catholic’ universities. Seems not about politeness to homosexuals, which of course Catholics are fine with. Question: why not strip these schools of their “Catholic” status (at least; I’d prefer that all Catholic services be banned on their campuses until they repent and submit)? There are lots of Bad Catholics (‘I don’t follow that stuff but I expect the church to be the church’); they deserve courtesy. But this is about church institutions turning against the church’s teachings, which has even the Bad Catholics saying ‘WTF?!’ (Technically colleges and private academies aren’t church institutions like parochial primary schools and diocesan high schools, but still.)
  • The glories of ‘equality’. Comment: serves the House of Hanover right. I don’t care what happens to the Anglican Church anywhere.
  • Democracy comes to Egypt. Comment: alas for the Copts, but score one for “American values.”

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