Friday, December 02, 2011

Rod Dreher at TAC
  • How to understand the euro crisis.
  • Eurozone death countdown.
  • Medicare is already well along the trajectory to insolvency within this decade, and now we’ve just added another benefit for 1/3 of its recipients. Because they cannot lose weight without intensive counseling. Guess who’s all for it? “I think it’s fantastic,” says Dr. Marijane Hynes, a primary-care physician at George Washington Medical Faculty Associates Weight Loss Clinic.
  • Racial preferences. Outrageous. Paving the road to hell and all that.
  • The home-mortgage débàcle.
  • Copts: time to get out!
  • US taxpayers bail out the world.
  • Senate smacks civil liberties, hard.
  • Bad ritual, bad religion. The thing you notice about nearly everyone, liberals and conservatives, is how much they miss the preconciliar church.
  • Daniel Nichols: I received my most recent copy the other day and I see that he is also a Senior Editor. I don’t know if this is a new development or not, but it strikes me as very odd. Not only does he have greater stat us than the mere contributing editors, most of whom, let us say, have a more impressive résumé than Mr Dreher, but he is known to don his cheerleader uniform and pick up his pom-poms whenever Israel brutalizes its neighbors, while TAC has a record of opposing Israeli aggression and human-rights abuses. I am befuddled. Any theories?

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