Thursday, August 22, 2002

Hello, world!

Hello world, as the programmers say! This is just a little extra for my main site, your right-wing peacenik news source. A place to jot down observations about breaking news or trivia, not enough to warrant adding a whole new page.

Patriarch Irineos of Jerusalem

First it was the Israelis, now apparently it’s the Palestinian Authority who are giving the new patriarch a hard time. Sheesh!

Fr Mychal Judge

Whatever his failings in life, he was a bona fide hero of Sept. 11, no doubt — the firemen’s priest, killed in the line of duty. It seems a legend has grown around his death: the story goes that he died on the pavement outside the World Trade Center because he removed his helmet to give last rites to two casualties, a fireman hit by someone who jumped or fell from the building. Not only does the story not make sense — why would someone trained to serve at a fire do something as stupid as take off his helmet? — but witnesses last saw Fr Judge in the lobby of one of the WTC buildings, not on the sidewalk outside.

It’s not surprising that with events as monumental in history as this, legends spring up.

I imagine if/when a movie is made about Sept. 11, the helmet-doffing prayer scene with Fr Judge will be in it. One of those myths that gets perpetuated as history, like the one about the ship’s band playing Nearer My God to Thee aboard the sinking Titanic. (Well, like the Fr Judge story, it’s half-true. The band did switch from ragtime to hymns as the ship sank, and the last song played was the Episcopalian hymn Autumn.)

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