Friday, February 14, 2003

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This came in yesterday via mass e-mail from a former friend who was a formative influence on my views:

While Jesuit Fr. (James) Schall (of National Review, a pro-war neoconservative magazine) makes some very valid points about past peace-and-justice posturing by our (Catholic) bishops and others, he essentially repeats the same, unpersuasive pseudo-conservative/neocoservative arguments that have little if anything to do with /authentic/ Catholic Just War doctrine. His mind-numbing statement that alternatives to waging unprovoked, pre-emptive war on Iraq would be "unconstitutional and imprudent" and "against the stated principles of most Christian social thought" is utterly surreal. (Apparently Fr. Schall is unaware of the Vatican's own statements about the matter, which hardly mirror his own.)

...Fortunately, for every war-crazed, six-figure-salaried, wine-and-cheese Washington policy wonk (most of whom have never seen a minute of battlefield combat), there are the Chaldean Catholic and Antiochian Orthodox bishops, and conservative laymen like Patrick Buchanan and (Joseph) Sobran who, I believe, see this immoral, unconstitutional, geopolitical fool's errand for what it really is.

You've got to laugh at the feeble propaganda attempts to link (the undeniably miserable and despotic) Saddam Hussein to al-Qaeda as a pretext for war. No sooner was Colin Powell done lecturing the world from the UN Security Council chambers about the supposedly "close, indisputable ties between Iraq and al-Qaeda," when along comes Osama bin Laden on Al Jazeera TV, publicly denouncing Hussein as an liberal "infidel." Some ties.

As one Chaldean bishop said, "Please tell the U.S. they can have all our oil. Just leave us in peace."

All I can add is AMEN!

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