Sunday, February 16, 2003

New domain name!

After three years my site has 'found itself' and now has a clearer domain name that reflects its purpose:!


So long, old chap

1. Too many people thought the old URL (which still will work for the next 11 months) was 'Old World R Us' like Toys R Us. Ugh. Another one I heard — only once — was ‘your Old Walrus site’. Goo goo ga-joob.

2. The old forwarding e-mail address (again, still good for nearly a year) got spammed by spiders and because I naïvely posted it on e-mail lists (Yahoo being the most notorious). Live and learn. The new address will be coded on my site!

Alas, no more offers for 'shiny f**ks'.

3. Thanks to technology, namely the free Site Meter service, I know that out of the average of 30 hits a day the site has been getting recently, about 27 readers are in North America, and more than half its readers are on the US East Coast for some reason. While the site draws a lot of its message and inspiration from the Orthodox and Roman Catholic cultures of Russia and other countries of the Old World, this site is about American and world issues (though the principles advocated on it are universal). Some have called it anti-American for some reason — you decide! For the 10 percent or less who read and enjoy the small amount of Russian content, don't worry — it's not going away.