Saturday, February 15, 2003

Сретение Господне

Presentation of the Lord, Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Candlemas — Julian calendar

С праздником! — Cyrillic (Windows)

The National Arts Club, New York

Venue of October Project concert, 13 February

I call this room 'what I would do if I were really rich':

My stint as an antiwar activist

After church I acted according to my online advocacy and marched briefly in one of the many anti-Iraq war marches worldwide today. My first antiwar rally. Glad I ‘did my bit’. The huge crowd was a charming mix one would expect — aging granolas, agitator Commie-front groups and lots of sincere college students, including some very pretty ones. (P.J. Rourke once wrote that a successful cause — not necessarily right, but successful — always has beautiful women as spokespeople.) A lot of them are wrong on economics and domestic issues but we are united on this issue.

Interesting note on geopolitics

Turkey is an ally of the United States, and will remain an ally of the United States for one reason, and one reason only. There's a thing called Masonry, the Freemasons, the Lodge, and the Turkish Lodge is bound with American and British Lodges, that is a firm, firm, cemented friendship which, until they all perish, if they do perish, will always support each other. Masonry is the bond there. Turkey is very important because it is a key state in the Middle East. It's a linchpin.

Malachi Martin, from

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