Saturday, February 22, 2003

The Rite Switch:
why Roman-rite Catholics become Eastern rite

by Regina Doman

The writer, whom I met once briefly 11 years ago, AFAIK is a sweet, orthodox Roman Catholic. Nice article, and I've met Fr Rick Rohrer and been to SS. Cyril and Methodius in Cary (note the spelling), a great place and indeed a magnet for upstanding conservative refugee Roman Catholics. Which is a good thing. One thing I didn't like about the article is it seemed to call everybody who doesn't like the Novus Ordo a 'malcontent', as if the NO is OK and the problem is with the people who don't want it. Horsefeathers. Plus it allies Easterns with the disdain of the Roman mainstream towards Catholic traditionalists. Foul! The rude refugee 'trad' at an Eastern church is, in my experience, a myth, and I've met several refugees, including at Fr Rick's church. Friendly, profoundly Christian people with a well-developed worldview. Then again, the writer, though orthodox and nice, AFAIK is a handwaving charismatic, the kind of Catholic who thinks Vatican II was neat, so the bias isn't surprising. Toeing the quasi-Orwellian party line.

Also, Fr Rick's church is an anomaly among Ruthenian Catholics, externally almost entirely Orthodox. Most rank-and-file Ruthenians don't really want to be Eastern.

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