Wednesday, February 26, 2003

What is dispensationalism?
What the nutballs on America’s Protestant religious right believe
From the Net: Dispensationalism is a form of premillennialism originating among the Plymouth Brethren in the early 1830s. The father of dispensationalism, John Nelson Darby, educated as a lawyer and ordained Anglican priest, was one of the chief founders of the Plymouth Brethren movement, which arose in reaction against the perceived empty formalism of the Church of England. To the Brethren the true "invisible" church was to come out of the apostate ‘visible’ Church, rejecting such forms as priesthood and sacraments.

For more, read a source (Protestant, specifically conservative Lutheran, a kind I have a lot of respect for): Dispensationalism: A Return to Biblical Theology or Pseudo-Christian Cult?

In short, it’s heresy and relatively recent.

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