Wednesday, March 05, 2003

A blessed Ash Wednesday, Roman Catholics.

‘Peace on earth’
Or, why pacifism doesn’t work and this is not a pacifist site
Nasty and unfair, but a bit funny with a grain of truth too. The vicious folks behind seem to want to mock Our Lord and Christianity (they could simply be making fun of well-meaning but wrong Christians who are pacifists), but if so, the joke is on them for their apparent ignorance. There are plenty of righteous warriors in the Good Book, including in the psalms read in the daily offices of the Church, at least in their un-PC, unbowdlerized forms. The neocons, the Protestant religious right and other warmongers notwithstanding, there is a scriptural model for Christians to serve proudly in the armed forces of their countries.

‘For the present government, for the civil authorities and for the armed forces, let us pray to the Lord: Lord, have mercy.’

TV Nation
by Karen De Coster and Brad Edmonds
< cultural high horse >
The US is one jump removed from show-all sex orgies (real, not simulated) - how different, really, from ‘Temptation Island’ and ‘Joe Millionaire’? - and gladiatorial combat to the death (and public executions, and snuff films) - how different, really, from ‘Fear Factor’, ‘Survivor’, car-crash and animal-attack programs, etc. - as media entertainment for the masses.
< /cultural high horse >

The Jennifer Anastassakis/Aniston Makeover for Social Success
Starve yourself, bleach your hair and think and act as much like a WASP as possible. (Though I’ll concede her famous ’90s hairstyle was attractive.)

Seven reasons why the ordination of women is impossible

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