Friday, March 14, 2003

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The New Faithful: Why Young Adults Are Embracing Christian Orthodoxy

Research paper on Eastern Orthodox history in the US

by Alexei Krindatch, Moscow, Russia

Prolife activist quits GOP post over Iraq war
Resignation letter by Republican official to protest war

Missouri GOP
Chairman's Resignation Letter 3-9-3
"I grieve for our nation, and the untold suffering that will be wrought. As
history has
shown, you can possess the greatest armaments in the world, but if your cause
motives are not right, only catastrophe will result." - - Jack Walters

March 8, 2003
Our Country Above Politics

As the Bush administration moves toward certain war in the Middle East-a war
which I believe nothing good will come from, a war which is unjust,
and a war which will undoubtedly widen, perhaps even into world war, thereby
placing our nation in dire peril-I have made a decision regarding my position
as Boone County Republican Chairman.

Wars are easy to get into, but very difficult to get out of. They can sap the
and spiritual fiber of a nation, squander lives and resources, deplete scarce
cause undue hardship on all involved, destroy families, and engender

I have questioned both the motives for military action at this time, and the
changing, illogical justifications presented to us in what has to be one of
greatest media propaganda blitzes ever force- fed a populace. Any time ground

troops are deployed, serious questions must be asked and real answers
The jingoistic rhetoric we are receiving does not constitute legitimate

The consequences of our planned attack on Iraq (and also probably Iran, given
size of our forces and their location in proximity to Iran), should cause us
all to
pause. The Pentagon has announced that we will hit Baghdad with a force
equal to the bombing of Hiroshima. Obviously many thousands of civilians will

perish, with untold thousands maimed. And for what? To liberate them? To
them freedom? Or democracy? Or is it to really secure the world's second
largest oil
reserve and establish a base from which to subjugate other Middle Eastern
Is it also the plan for Israel to use the cover of war to forcibly relocate
Palestinian population (as has been publicly stated by some members of
current government)?

How on earth have we arrived at this crucial juncture in our country's
history? How
has a war on terrorism been converted into an attack on Iraq? What threat
Iraq pose to us? We must lay the blame squarely on our congress, who
to our Constitution, only has the power to declare war. For congress to cede
war-making power to the executive branch is unconstitutional on the very face
of it
and effectively destroys our three branches of government. Circumventing our
Constitution is very bad, and the undeclared wars, which have resulted in our

recent history, have had disastrous results. Undeclared wars have no declared

objectives, and therefore can widen at will, and our foray into the Middle
East will
likely set in motion a long-term wave of retaliation. Indeed, I believe that
administration would like to entice Iraq into firing the first blow so some
could be paraded at the United Nations. If the United States government can
this unreal doctrine of preemptive attack on any nation, anywhere, at any
time, so
can other nations! This is how world wars begin. If the President goes into
alone without a UN resolution, he will be in violation of the war powers
given him
last October by congress which was contingent on UN approval. A
crisis will occur.

What we are about to do in the Middle East is abhorrent to me. It is made
doubly so
since this is a contrived and fraudulently justified war with hidden
objectives. The
coming mass slaughter of innocents, the harm our own troops are being placed
and the potential for wars on several fronts have brought home to me the
realization that by remaining Boone County Republican Chairman, I would be
tacit approval to this imminent war, and tacit approval to the belligerent
reckless language coming from the White House. The safety and integrity of
country outweighs politics.

I therefore resign as Chairman of the Boone County Republican Central
effective at noon, March 10, 2003. I do not wish to be Chairman when this
starts. I am not resigning to placate those who have demanded same .I do not
them in the least. I was quite willing to stand and face an ouster vote. I am
because I cannot support the Republican position on this war. I only sought
position of Chairman originally in the hope that I could recruit God-fearing,
pro-life believers in our Constitution to stand for office.

I grieve for our nation, and the untold suffering that will be wrought. As
history has
shown, you can possess the greatest armaments in the world, but if your cause
motives are not right, only catastrophe will result.

Jack Walters
Columbia, MO

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