Monday, March 10, 2003

A European Reactionary from Queens

Common sense about corporal punishment for children
Largely based on the good sense of James Dobson, from my good friend Jeff Culbreath, who's my age and a dad to five young ones. I've seen him practise what he preaches, and it works.

An American Chevetogne?
Mary, Mother of God Monastery is a conservative Cistercian community that uses both the Roman Rite in Latin and the Byzantine Rite.

Godwardness: Pope John Paul II at Byzantine Rite Liturgy

A good word about ritual prayer
Specifically, the Rosary, from Carol Zaleski at The Christian Century, a liberal Protestant journal. (A stopped clock is right twice a day, an infinite number of monkeys and word processors could write Shakespeare, etc.) This link should be good for about a week or two.

An old friend, a new life
Congratulations to Brother Steven Haws, an Anglican who last week made his life profession (solemn vows) in the Community of the Resurrection in Mirfield, England.

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