Sunday, March 16, 2003

Happy Orthodoxy Sunday, Eastern Orthodox and ‘old-school’ Byzantine Catholics!

When the saint goes marching in?
Noticed yesterday outside a few ‘Irish’ bars that pseudo-St Patrick’s Day seems to be mixed up with Mardi Gras (a week and a half ago) now: there is the wearin’ o’ the green plastic beads.

The truth is
Looking at the list of Senate nay votes on the partial-birth abortion ban I see Paul Sarbanes, a Democrat from Maryland, and Olympia Snowe, a Republican from Maine. I also understand Mr Sarbanes has won an award from the Greek Orthodox church, which confirms my suspicion (and I will concede that a lot of nominal Catholics voted for death too) that when it comes to putting apostolic teachings into action in the world, the Greek Orthodox church at least in America, the country’s largest Orthodox group in terms of (inflated) membership on the rolls, is a big, fat, ethnic nothing.

Being pushed into consumer culture
A mundane example: I’ve been using the same brand razor for 15 years and find that the brand has been phased out for no good reason and that ‘disposable’ razors cost LESS that buying more blades. I should think that with the recent PC interest in environmentalism there would a cost incentive for consumers to practise good stewardship of God’s creation and not waste the earth’s resources. But I guess not. A down side of capitalism? Then again, my ideological mentors at would say recycling is bogus anyway and doesn’t really help the environment. But the WASTE in American society has given me conscience problems since I was a teenager.

This story came from The Church Times, formerly an Anglo-Catholic paper in the Church of England.

Pope gives Blair communion
by Rachel Boulding

THE PRIME MINISTER received communion from the hands of the Pope during
his recent visit to the Vatican, it has been reported from Rome.

Tony Blair, an Anglican, had an audience with Pope John Paul II on 22
February and attended mass on the following day with his wife and their
three eldest children, all of whom are Roman Catholics.

A Jesuit liturgist from one of the Pontifical universities confirmed
the story. It is said that the Vatican's Secretariat of State granted a
special dispensation for Mr Blair to receive communion on the grounds
that there is no Anglican church for him to attend in the Vatican.
There are, however, three Anglican places of worship in the centre of

[Me: I'm not buying it either.]

The Revd Jonathan Boardman, Chaplain of All Saints', an Anglican church
in Rome, said on Wednesday: "It could be significant. This little stone
could start an avalanche of interchurch families."

However, another Anglican source in Rome said: "There are too many
exceptions being made. It's a rising tide. This demonstrates the Pope's
keenness to get on - doing the little things that can be done rather
than the big things."

In Britain, it is permissible for a non-Roman Catholic in a mixed marriage to receive communion under guidelines set down in One Bread One Body, a 1998 Roman Catholic teaching document. But it states that, even in mixed marriages, “eucharistic sharing can only be exceptional.” Circumstances for receiving communion might include the baptism or confirmation of the couple’s child.

[Me: Stupid. It reduces the Sacrament to a social nicety.]

Echoing scripture on sex
From the Net
Cameron Diaz' line in Vanilla Sky: "When you make love to someone, your bodies say that you are staying together forever." "SIGNS" (in the sense that Christ at Cana's... changing of the ritual cleansing water into wine signed the changing of the covenants) full commitment...unto death... better or worse. says something to the universe... "I will never leave you...neither will I forsake you".

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