Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Irish-Americans Gear Up for the Reinforcin’ o’ the Stereotypes
This link should work through the next month.

The spirit of Nicæa II, man
From blogforlovers.blogspot.com:
Today in church history: March 11, 843: Eastern churches officially reintroduced and sanctioned icons, after an 89-year controversy that occasionally turned violent.

Coincidentally and fittingly, this Sunday, the first Sunday of Great Lent, the Eastern Orthodox churches will commemorate this as the Triumph of Orthodoxy or Orthodoxy Sunday.

Surefire backfire/boomerang or inevitable backlash?
You decide.

A conservative site/blog for peace supports having memorials to the Sept. 11 victims and in no way advocates the vandalism described in the story linked above.

‘Outing’ the truth
Apparently there is a troll who for a long time has been posting online claiming 1) Russian Catholic churches are 'gay' and 2) that he is a convert Eastern Orthodox in good standing in the Diocese of the West of the Orthodox Church in America. His 'sig' is a link to the site of the group called 'Axios', former Eastern Orthodox who teach that homosexual activity is OK - definitely NOT a group in or approved by the OCA. This joker may well have fibbed his way into the OCA; I'm sure, however, that Bishop Tikhon in San Francisco, himself active online and every bit an Orthodox bishop in the Russian tradition, would be shocked and outraged that someone claiming to be under his omophor is teaching that the gay lifestyle is an Orthodox option! As for the defamatory claim about Russian Catholics, I contacted them myself reporting this allegation and because of my 'heads up' their New York church now runs a rebuttal on their site. The Catholic and the Orthodox churches, and conservative Protestants, too, teach the same thing about homosexuality - that it's wrong.

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