Monday, March 03, 2003

Neo-Catholic = neocon = pro-war with Iraq
Why it’s all wrong
by Thomas Woods

The Big Peacenik
Pope John Paul II vs. the neocons
by Joe Sobran

AmChurch to Catholic Men: Pffthpppt!
IOW, men don’t like sissy religion (no kidding), and the mainstream purveyors of sissy religion don’t like men.

St Leo the Great, Pope of Rome
Honored by the Russian Orthodox today:
Святитель Лев, папа Римский [Cyrillic (Windows)]
Кондак: На престоле священства седь, славне, и словесных львов уста заградив, богодухновенными догматы честныя Троицы озарил еси свет богоразумия твоему стаду. Сего ради прославился еси яко божественный таинник Божия благодати.

Blasphemy and the Brits
On the otherwise enjoyable British travel program ‘Globetrekker’, in an episode about Rome, the presenter received Communion on camera by grabbing the Host with thumb and forefinger, and immediately afterwards turned to the camera and kept on talking. Later in the program she went to an ecclesiastical tailor and did a scene decked out as a nun.

Here you can see in action two disturbing things about British culture: an awareness of and familiarity with Catholicism, because, like it or not, it is rooted in it, mixed with indifference to and even conscious contempt for same (which is what makes the first part disturbing). There has been something sad and ‘off’ (perverse) about Britain ever since the ‘Reformation’ - something many people have sensed and commented on.

‘Patronising Noddy language’ vs. Godwardness
An example
Talk about dumbed down!

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