Wednesday, March 19, 2003

The situation between the US and Iraq, at a child’s reading level
From the Net, by Judith Teresa McRae

You've got a bully over in the next playground.
A long, long time ago, you had a fight with him.
Some guy who lives on his street came over and beat you up last week. It wasn't the bully, it was just some guy who lives on his street - as far as anyone knows, the bully and the guy that beat you up last week don't even know each other, but some people say that their moms have tea together sometimes.
Now, you want to get back at the guy that beat you up last week, but unfortunately, his dad got transferred to Timbuktu and they moved, so you can't find him.
You're still mad, though, and all your buddies are saying, "Well, we have all these rocks we've collected. Let's go get the bully in the next playground, instead!"
Even though the bully in the next playground hasn't touched you or gone near you in a very, very long time. He doesn't even remember your name, that's how long it's been.
So, you get all your buddies together and you draw up a plan. You send some of your buddies over to the next playground to see what he's been planning against you.
They go over there, and they find out that other bullies have been kicking the original bully so hard that he has no rocks left, and he's lying there bruised and beaten.
They come back and say, "We've changed our minds about beating that guy up - he's already had a beating laid on him. Are we the kind of people who kick people when they are down?
But, you say, "Well, he promised me this and that and the other thing, and hasn't come through on his promises. Doesn't that make it okay for me to beat him up?"
It's up to you. You decide. Is it okay to lay a beating on this guy? Is there any justification for it?

Just-war teaching says that the other guy has to have attacked first or have threatened that he is going to in terms that make you really think he is going to.

Iraq has been starving from sanctions for the last 12 years, and can't even send its children to kindergarten. No evidence of WMD has actually been found - there is only "suspicion" that Iraq might have them.

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