Saturday, March 22, 2003

Ukrainian Catholic Church says it doesn’t intend to ‘conquer’ eastern Ukraine
But the highly symbolic move of its HQ to Kiev, the cradle of Russian Christianity, seems to be a claim on the whole country. I can understand this given the Catholic Church’s teaching that it is the true church, but it still seems to go against its stated goal of corporate reunion, not competition, with the Orthodox.

October Project concert, March 21
Translation of the second part (I can’t use Cyrillic on that board, so I defaulted to Slovak-style script and spelling, just like like I learnt from my very first Byzantine Rite prayer book): during the show there was a thunderstorm outside, a sort of natural, relatively safe pyrotechnics, as if somebody above enjoyed the music and wanted to join in. Check out OP’s new, improved website, updated only yesterday, with wonderful photos and a column by my friend Alan Roos.

Here is Gregory Douglass’ site.

It seems the war, like Gulf War I, will be short with relatively little loss of life, which of course is a good thing. (For example, only a couple dozen Americans and British have died since it began.) But it is still very bad precedent for the US.

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