Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Bruce Springsteen defends the Dixie Chicks. Though I didn't like his PC turn with Philadelphia, the Boss has still got the right stuff.

Ilana Mercer on the price of ‘collateral damage’

From Dave McLaughlin
Islamicism in Iraq
A history I read in the indie press by Henry William Brownejohns told me that the great schism in Islam that happened after Muhammad's death resulted in the Sunni (which most Muslims worldwide are) and Shi'ite (the majority in Iran) branches, which, even worse than the Orthodox-Catholic split in Christendom, absolutely do not recognize each other's authority. (Most black American converts are members of Sunni Islam and thus are real Muslims. Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam, a racist sect, are like the vagantes of this world - they aren't real Muslims, and in fact they murdered Malcolm X after he converted to real Islam and renounced their racist beliefs.)

St George
Patron of England and Greece
Today is his feast day according to the Gregorian calendar.

From the Malankara Church of India, founded by St Thomas:

Come, you who have discernment and listen to the heroic deeds of Saint George.
What tortures and sufferings the saint endured
In the house of judgement from evil-doers and he was not frightened,
Neither by the fire nor by the wheel of torture nor by the sword.

As I was passing near the court, I saw a wonder, a young man, George,
Stretched out on the wheel of torture, with fire under him,
Fire on his side and tortures of all kinds, but the Holy Spirit comforted him like a mother,
"Fear not, George, your crown is already woven."

While the judges put the young man George to torture,
The Holy Spirit comforted him like a mother,
"Come in peace, glorious athlete, who offered yourself in sacrifice to God.
If the impious tyrant cuts off your tongue, I will speak for you and nothing will go wrong."

Glory to the Father Who chose you and conferred great honour on you, O glorious martyr.
Adoration to the Son Who strengthened you and led you to triumph in the contest.
Thanksgiving to the Holy Spirit Who magnified your name in the four quarters of the earth.
May your prayer protect the Church which celebrates your festival.

Canadian Muslim criticizes ‘Law and Order’ episode about Muslim convert
The one obviously based on the Lindh case. Some of that annoying convert Eastern Orthodox type I mentioned yesterday remind me of the make-believe Muslim on that program.

Debunking the FDR myth

Two days ahead of Orthodox Good Friday:
A physician’s view of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ

From A conservative blog for peace correspondent Lee Penn
National Post: Saudi ties to terror; Bush ties to Saudi

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