Saturday, April 05, 2003

Catholic traditionalist scathes protesters
by Mark Glenn, The Remnant
I wouldn't go as far as this man in attacking the protesters, whose fellowship I have enjoyed the last two marches I've been on, but agree with most of his premise. There are real differences in our motives: Catholicity =/= liberalism (a ripoff of the former). The reason we hold positions in common now and then - 'racism is evil, the war in Iraq is not in our name, pornography demeans women' - is exactly because liberalism/secular humanism rips off Christian morality. Quote of note: ‘Had Al Gore been elected, and justified going to war in the Middle East in order to “liberate” the oppressed women of the area from a male-dominated cultural system, thus flooding their societies with abortion, pornography, sodomy and the rest, it is safe to say there would be no protesting going on.’

Yep, he's nailed the lefty-hawk phenom:

‘Let's take a little stroll back down memory lane. When their man, Clinton, was in office, and began his "let's change the subject" military campaigns against Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, and Kosovo, where were all these protesters?

[Me: The man bombed Belgrade on Orthodox Easter, remember?]

‘Kind of, well, silent, weren't they?

‘Where was the outrage? Where were the offended moral sensibilities? Where was the concern for the "victims"?

‘Now here's a test in determining whether or not most of these people opposing
the war possess some of these qualities, and therefore, whether or not their
opposition to the war can be considered genuine, on moral grounds.

‘--How do these people feel about taking a little child, yet unborn, and
cutting it into hamburger? How do these people feel about taking a child 9
months in the womb of its mother, delivering it 3/4 of the way out, jamming a
scissors into the back of its skull and sucking its brains out through a
catheter tube, while the child writhes and flails its body in a vain attempt
to save itself?

‘--How do these people feel about the de-humanizing exploitation of women and men in the pornography business, and the destruction it causes not just to families but also to society?

‘--How do these people feel about my right to possess a firearm in order to protect myself and my family from being physically assaulted or killed?

‘--How do these people feel about my right to teach my children at home for fear that an education in a public school will rob them of the values I try to instill in them?’

A difference between me and people like Mr Glenn is I think I try to have less of a siege mentality while retaining his orthodoxy and liturgical conservatism - same principles, but rather than walling oneself off from society, pretending it's the ’50s or something like that, borrowing from it freely, using those same principles to separate the wheat from the chaff. Just like Mr Glenn buying and drinking the coffee 'those hippies' make so well. 'The earth is the Lord's, and all the fulness thereof' (Ps. 23/24).

I'd like to be more of a cultural romantic, a Russell Kirk kind of conservative, anyway. Just have to get a gold watch and chain and a bent-stemmed pipe to go with the tweed and wire-rimmed glasses I already have.

A wonderful gift: a window on a more pious age
Drove a friend on a long trip yesterday and got a wonderful gift - a tattered photo album of black-and-white pictures in varying condition from 1909 through the 1930s - anonymous, ordinary Russians all the way back in Tsarist times, in school and military uniforms, clowning around, working on railway bridges (with cute steam locomotives going over them), and two of a Russian Orthodox outdoor church service, with lots of processional crosses and an icon of Our Lady surrounded by flowers. The album is very fragile but I may scan a few of the photos and put them online someday.

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