Friday, April 11, 2003

Dennis Miller, warmonger and shill
Saw him on Jay Leno's chat show here in America early this morning (it's a program I don't usually watch but I was wired after doing a lot of blogging, enjoying the 'shout outs' about the war from 'my peeps', Dustin, Nik and Samer - thanks!). I remember, long before his gig on 'Monday Night Football' (a program I don't watch, period), when a lot of people I knew didn't like him, thinking he was arrogant and obnoxious, and he was - but back then his stand-up routine could still make me laugh. Now I see those other people's point as on Leno he proved he is either a sellout or witless, attacking antiwar people as if Rush Limbaugh suddenly demonically possessed him. Where's your next paying gig, Pat Boone, the 2004 GOP convention? Do us all a favor, Dennis - be 'outta here', off our TVs, for good. We've got lives to lead, cha-cha.

From David Virtue
Straight (in every sense) talk about Catholic-Anglican reunion prospects
... You might want to ask yourself why Roman Catholics and Episcopalians are in deep talkie-talkie about unity when both churches have about as much in common as Unitarians do with Zoroastrianism [me: the ancient religion of Iran]. Maybe less.

Consider the following:

Roman Catholics believe in homoousios (the hypostatic union of the God-Man, Jesus).

Episcopalians believe in homos.

[Me: The Episcopal newsgroup on Usenet should give up and rename itself truthfully 'Angry gay ex-Catholics and Protestant trolls'. There are a few Orthodox crossposting trolls there too. Next to nobody there actually writes about Anglicanism.]

Roman Catholics believe homosexuality is a fundamental disorder of the Divine.

Episcopalians believe homosexuality is a fundamentally divine order of service (rites). Film
at 11pm, rated NC-17.

Roman Catholics believe in Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Most ECUSA bishops believe in pluriformity and tea with toast.

Roman Catholics believe in truth that transforms.

Episcopalians believe in transforming truth or pluriform truths.

Roman Catholics believe Jesus is the only way to the Father (most of
them do, that is, including the pope).

Episcopalians believe that only fundamentalists believe Jesus is the
only way to the Father. There are, after all, many paths to God and if
you press Jesus too much and too far, you will be accused of being one
of those fundamentalists. It is important to keep "The Nameless One"
option open.

And the list could go on and on.

ARCIC [the official Anglican-Catholic reunion dialogue] is dead; it should be buried and given the Last Rites not same-sex rites. [Me: So, realistically speaking, is any hope for Anglo-Catholicism.]

Letter to David Virtue

Silence = Death. Many of us now know that most homosexuals experience
a tremendous amount of suffering, leading to an early death. Louie
Crew is responsible for a substantial proportion of that in the
Episcopal Church by helping legitimate a behavior that many might
otherwise avoid. If we know this about people like him but remain
silent, we must also share some responsibility for the suffering that
results. Presenting homosexuality as something beneficial has been one
of the most successful hoaxes since the South Sea Bubble.

John B. Donovan, CEO
Donovan-Fitzgerald Speaker Services,
LLC 60 Madison Ave., Su. 1212
NewYork, NY 10010

Virtue’s update on an ongoing story
In Philadelphia this week, the Anglo-Catholic parish of St James the Less,
which is at war with the revisionist Bishop of Pennsylvania,
scored a small victory when an appellate judge issued a stay of
execution for the parish preventing Charles Bennison from throwing them
all out into the street. The rector, Fr David Ousley had asked the
judge for a stay so that the diocese would not attempt to take over the
parish while the appeal was pending. Judge Colins of the Commonwealth
Court of PA granted the stay. The judge also set a fast timetable for
the hearing of the appeal, setting the date for oral arguments for June
4. It clearly ain't over till the fat lady sings.

[Me: David Virtue and I are 180 degrees apart on the Iraq war.]

Another stopped clock that’s right
Desmond Tutu still believes Iraq war is 'immoral'
(ENS) Speaking to reporters during a convocation at Elon University in
North Carolina, retired [Anglican] archbishop of Cape Town Desmond Tutu said
that he agrees with other international church leaders--including Pope
John Paul II and Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams
[me: and the patriarch of Moscow]--that the war in Iraq
"is a war that should not have happened."

Tutu, who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984, said that he found
the timing of the war strange, wondering why after waiting 12 years for
Saddam Hussein's government to comply with UN resolutions "it seems odd
not to have waited another six months. Why should it have become so
urgent now?" He said that it is "almost bizarre" for the Americans to
argue that Iraq posed a threat
. He also doubted that the war would make
the United States more secure from terrorist threats. It would be much
more effective to use the funds on programs to feed and educate the
world's poor, he said.

[Me: Yes, Your Grace - but by means of the free market, not the socialism you believe in.]

"People like Americans--I do," said Tutu. "And this country has a
special place in the hearts of many because of the compassion it has
shown. You wonder why that is not what you want to spread," he said. He
also expressed deep concern for rebuilding Iraq after the war,
especially over apparent US attempts to limit the role of the United

While other nations have been able to agree on cooperation--such as
creating a world criminal court and signing the Kyoto Agreement to
limit greenhouse gas emissions--the United States has not joined those
efforts. "It's a sad pattern," Tutu said. "This is not what makes your
country great. What makes your country great is the alliance of power
with morality."

[Me: Never thought Tutu sounded like a neocon - until now.]

Tutu repeated his comments at the World Affairs Council in Portland,
Oregon, on the day that Baghdad apparently fell. "You can bet your
bottom dollar there won't be peace," he said. "You will never get true
security from the barrel of a gun. Anything war can do, peace can do
better. God is weeping because it could be so different

St Stanislaus (Stanislaw)
The patron of Poland?

Today in Church history

April 11, 1079: Stanislaus, Polish bishop of Krakow, is martyred. Whether or not he attempted to overthrow King Boleslaw II (called Boleslaw the Cruel) is debatable; he certainly excommunicated the evil king. In return, Boleslaw deemed him a traitor and had Stanislaus murdered.

Comment: An interesting post script to the acts of martyrdom of Saint Stanislaus --- after being driven from the throne for the murder of the Bishop of Krakow (which the king did with his own hand), King Boleslaus "retired" to a Benedictine abbey in Hungary, performing penance for his sins (the murder of Stanislaus and other acts of power-mad lust while king) until his death. Stanislaus had been criticizing Boleslaus for penitential acts performed but no change of heart. The resistance to true conversion, with countless publicly repeated sinful acts, eventually led to Boleslaus' excommunication.

Why I voted for Shrub
If I thought it would have kept my home state's electoral votes from going to Al Gore, I would have voted for Koko the gorilla had she been on the Republican ticket.

I haven't got much in common with Tim Robbins other than agreeing Susan Sarandon is attractive, but I read in an e-mail recently there was 'a Robbins appearance on the new Bill Maher-hosted HBO show in which he wore on the air a tee-shirt that had the words "Who Would Jesus Bomb" superimposed over a picture of President Bush?...nice, huh?!'


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