Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Europaica, Issue No. 10
The journal of the Russian Orthodox Representation to the European Institutions. This issue has got lots of noteworthy stuff, including statements against the Iraq war (issued in February), an article from England about Russian-speaking people living abroad and, in the letters section, an Orthodox rebuttal of John Spong.

Vatican official criticizes ‘global ethic’ and the ‘New Religion of Gaia’

The Christian Activist is back
Eastern Orthodox newspaper is now a website

There is nothing conservative about war. For at least the last century war has been the herald and handmaid of socialism and state control. It is the excuse for censorship, organized lying, regulation and taxation. It is paradise for the busybody and the nark....
- Peter Hitchens, The Spectator

A homosexual man’s story: from ‘gay’ to orthodox Catholic
by David Morrison
The Catholic Church... 'refuses to either patronise homosexuals with a watered down gospel or brutalise them with a message of irredeemable hostility.'

Vatican’s antiwar stand aids relations with Russia

Our Lady of KazanPope confirms intent to return Kazan icon to Russia
Pope John Paul II confirmed his intention to return the icon of the Kazan Mother of God to Russia. RIA Novosti reports that the speaker of the Federation Council, Sergei Mironov, told reporters this after his audience today with the pontiff. "The pope expressed his desire to return this sacred object to our country," Mironov said.

According to the speaker, in the first part of the audience the pope spoke Italian. "And suddenly, unexpectedly, just as soon as the topic of the transfer of the icon to Russia came up, he switched to Polish," Mironov added.

The speaker also noted that the Vatican state secretary who participated in the audience noted that there are no disagreements between Russia and the Vatican. "Those incidents that occurred have been settled and there is no reason for worry," Mironov quoted the state secretary as saying.

The president of the upper chamber of the Russian parliament added that a convergence of the positions of Russia and the Vatican has been especially aided by the principled and clear "position of the pope on Iraq." "The topic of Iraq quickly became a key to our conversation and I expressed thanks to the pontiff for his steadfast declaration about the necessity of a cease fire in Iraq," Mironov noted. He thinks that since the Vatican is the "center of the Catholic world," the Vatican's position on the Iraqi problem will undoubtedly influence both residents of Italy and Catholics of the whole world. "The absolutely clear position of the Vatican on Iraq affects, at a minimum, public opinion," he said.

Mironov reported that he exchanged gifts with the pope. The speaker of the Federation Council presented John Paul II a plate with a picture of the church of Saint Basil in Moscow, and the pope, in turn, presented Mironov a book about the Vatican and a medallion. (tr. by PDS, posted 31 March 2003)

Nuns guilty for attack on U.S. missile silo
DENVER (AP) -- A federal jury convicted three Roman Catholic nuns yesterday of defacing a missile silo by swinging hammers and painting crosses on it with their own blood.

Sisters Ardeth Platte, 66, Jackie Hudson, 68, and Carol Gilbert, 55, were arrested for breaking into a Minuteman III missile silo site on Colorado's northeastern plains Oct. 6. They were charged with interfering with the country's defence and causing property damage of more than $1,000 US.

The nuns are peace activists and have said they were compelled to act as war with Iraq moved closer and because the United States has never promised not to use nuclear weapons. Their defence lawyers argued the nuns' action was symbolic and never jeopardized national security.

"They will discover that we are not guilty under God's law," Gilbert said to jurors after the verdicts were read. Platte made the sign of the cross and said, "Bless the jury."

All three, dressed in bright orange prison jumpsuits, sang a religious song as they left the courtroom. The nuns face up to 30 years in prison.

[Me: Civil disobedience and antiwar protest are sometimes called for but the US has the right to defend itself with Minuteman missiles. A conservative site/blog for peace is not pacifist. Also ISTM from the nun blessing with the sign of the cross (even though there is an Orthodox layman's way of doing that, I don't think that's what she was identifying with) that yet again the 'peace-and-justicers' and heretical dissenters are the same. Also note that, once again, not surprisingly, the h.d. types are older people - not religious young people.]

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