Tuesday, April 22, 2003

From A conservative blog for peace correspondent Lee Penn
Carnegie Endowment: pre-9/11 history of plans for regime change in Iraq

Bush’s Faustian deal with the Taliban

Project for a New American Century - their plans, in their own words

Lee Penn: For more details, navigate the rest of the site. And note the signers of the "Statement of Principles," and see how many are in power now. Catholic neocon George Weigel is part of this group.

The earth is the Lord’s and all the fulness thereof
I see from the colourful Google banner today that this is 'Earth Day'. Not a bad thing in itself - conservation and stewardship of God's creation of course are good. But my libertarian mentors at lewrockwell.com (LRC) would argue that recycling is pointless anyway (fact: most trees used for lumber, paper, etc., are grown as a crop) and of course I don't buy into worshipping the earth and creation (Gaia, etc.). (And why does it seem that people who can cry over endangered species don't feel the same way about killing unborn people?) Though the argument that the earth is somehow alive - something not unknown in Russian folk belief - doesn't necessarily mean one pays it divine worship.

Speaking of LRC, here is an excellent article debunking liberal Protestantism, contrasting the classical liberalism or liberality of sites like this (grounded in orthodoxy) and Liberalism.

Поздравляем вас!
Svetlana Zacharova, 32, won the women's race at the Boston Marathon yesterday in 2:25.19. L'ubov Denisova finished second in 2:26.51.

SSPX Bishop Tissier de Mallerais confirms rumour is false
by John Vennari (whom I've met)
Editor, Catholic Family News
This afternoon (April 21) after I had written my first report about the false news of the SSPX [Society of St Pius X] "reconciliation", I spoke with Bishop Bernard Tissier de Mallerais of the Society of Saint Pius X who is presently giving a retreat at St. Peter’s Priory in Browerville, MN. The bishop says there is no truth in the stories now in the press that three of the four bishops are about to be "reconciled" with Rome. "This is a rumor thrown by Rome in an attempt to divide us" said Bishop Tissier de Mallerais. "We four bishops are all together and are not divided. We do not seek 'reconciliation' with Rome unless Rome converts back to Catholic Tradition, back to the traditional Catholic Profession of Faith".
Is it just to attack Iraq?
No, said Bishop Richard Williamson back in January: ‘Often, the confusion of our godless times will make unclear the rightness or wrongness of a particular war, but the wrongness of the attack on Iraq seems to be so clear that apparently not even the Pope and American bishops are confused!’

Also from today’s LRC:
On American morals
by G.K. Chesterton
Yankee, go mind your own business - and a healthy orthodox worldview ≠ 'puritanism'. (I will concede, though, that while Chesterton was right that smoking and drinking in themselves don't affect the state of one's soul, Russian Orthodox piety sees smoking as sinful and tobacco seems to have no redeeming medicinal value - it just gives you cancer.) This robust Chestertonian view reminds me of a conversation I had recently in which I complained about two kinds of converts one sees in Eastern Orthodoxy. The commoner one in America seems to be the puritanical ex-Protestant who wants women to wear Amish-style antediluvian clothes all the time (as I wrote here before, I think such simply have a problem with women, period) and basically is angry (jealous, if they were honest with themselves) that somewhere somebody is enjoying (not abusing) God's creation, be it wine, sex, what have you. The other, far less common type is the liberal who has latched onto the aesthetics or the flavour of 'spirituality'. (They hate Catholics and other traditionalists who take refuge in Eastern Christendom for real, religious reasons.) Thankfully in my real, offline life I see neither type very much. I know people who follow religion, not 'spirituality' - born Orthodox and Russian immigrants who light candles to their favourite saint who has helped them before, have their babies baptized, have молебны and паннихиди sung and buy loaves of просфора to have Masses (Divine Liturgies, in this case) offered for the quick and the dead as listed in their помянники. 'The kind of people who eat meat on Friday and confess it' as a Russian батюшка once put it. This is real - this is Russian Orthodoxy. It is medieval Christendom, today. (Yes, I know, academic types - the late, great Fr Alexander Schmemann wrote in For the Life of the World that Christianity is different from religion and the end of all religion. But I think my meaning still stands.)

Thought of this difference again when I was given a photo album showing ordinary Russians back in 1909, living their lives (including regular 20-year-old men clowning around in front of the camera - timeless) - made me wonder, if somehow they met, if these wonderful people and the annoying hardline converts could even relate to each other. Мне кажется, что не поняли бы друг друга совсем.

Nuns reach out with massage therapy
At face value I have no problem with it - massage therapy is wonderful!

'Some see it as a natural extension of nursing.' I agree.

However, I'm not stupid - I know that massage has New Agey connotations and that some heretical dissenter types might get into it for that reason.

From about.com

The neocons’ dream:

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