Saturday, April 26, 2003

From Dave McLaughlin
Patriotism and criticism

From today
The aftermath of war: Iraqis are weeping, but neocons are not

On Sen. Santorum and offending the sodomite ‘community’
First of all, contra the propaganda of homosexual activists, is there really such a 'community' (of rainbow flag-waving, Judy Garland show-tune-loving, happy-clappy campy stereotypes), or are there, as I believe, simply 'people who are homosexuals', some good people (and some who are Christians and living chastely), others not, as 'diverse' as any other kind of people?

About government and special treatment: my city has put up rainbow-striped banners on lampposts to celebrate what used to be 'Pride Week' - I forget what it has been renamed. Number one, why on earth would any self-respecting adult want to wave a flag telling strangers how he likes to reach orgasm? Secondly, I am offended that the city used public money to propagandize this 'cause'. (Taxpayers' dollars, in a city with a large Catholic population, too - and my city charges a hefty wage tax.)

US Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) said recently that if you enact special protection for homosexual activity then you have to protect other kinds of immoral activity (immoral according to Judæo-Christian morality). He's already in the dock as far as the PC crowd is concerned because he is prolife.

Here's my take.

Of course I agree with the Orthodox and Catholic churches, and with conservative Protestants, that homosexual activity is objectively wrong for all and not an option for Christians. (Nor, for that matter, is uncharity such as violence to homosexuals - all people on earth are sinners, and all are dear in the sight of God.) End of that discussion.

That said, American freedom works both ways - the faith has the freedom to flourish and evangelize, but people also have the right to be wrong. Here my libertarian views come in. I don't want the government snooping around, looking into people's bedroom windows. Here I agree with William F. Buckley Jr, a neocon shill with whom I haven't got much in common, that anti-sodomy laws are 'dumb laws' not because sodomy is OK but because they're unenforceable and set bad precedent for government power.

However, what people do becomes my (and the government's) business when it becomes a public health hazard - AIDS certainly is that - and some of the shenanigans of what liberals so reverently call 'gay people' fall into that. We outlaw prostitution and adults having sex with kids - for the common good. So it's appropriate for vice squads to raid bathhouses, certain bars, etc.

The papal kiss (of the Koran)
by Joseph Sobran
Vatican II was a mistake.

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