Tuesday, April 29, 2003

From Mike Russell
US forces make Iraqis strip and walk naked in public

Common misconceptions about Russia
by Anders Aslund

From A conservative blog for peace correspondent Samer al-Batal
Robert Fisk on audio: ‘My feeling is that there will be a war - it may already have begun - against the Americans by the Iraqis’

More from Mr Fisk: Did the US murder journalists?

A beautiful monastery
Reminds me of the Catholic Carthusian semi-hermits at Cowfold in England many years ago, as described by the Revd Colin Stephenson in Merrily on High. East meets West in a good way at this Roman Catholic monastery - the Catholic Church says thou shalt not mix and match rites but its chapel with Byzantine Rite things, even a kind of iconostasis, isn't offensive and 'works'.

Joke: Amazing thing I’ve learnt from American TV
All white tough guys, all over the country, even in Milwaukee and L.A., talk with a Bronx accent.

British noblewoman speaks out on persecution of Christians in the Sudan
Exclusive report by David W. Virtue

RIDGECREST, NC—British Baroness Caroline Cox, a world authority on
Christian persecution in the Sudan, blasted US President George Bush for
reneging on the US's hard line policy against the Government of the
Sudan opposing the slaughter of Christians in the southern part of that

Lady Cox, who is president of Christian Solidarity Worldwide
(CSW-UK) lamented the position the US government took in reversing its
previous principled position with regard to the brutal National Islamic
Front regime, which took and holds power by military force in Sudan
since a coup in 1989.

"Since then 2 million Sudanese have died and 5 million displaced from
war related causes, following the declaration of Jihad or Holy War in
its most militaristic form, by the regime and by all who oppose it,
including moderate Muslims and animists as well as Christians," said
Lady Cox.

"The weapons of the Jihad are three fold; military offensives against
innocent civilians, the manipulation of aid and slavery."

"Typically, the regime will undertake its military offensives in areas
which they declare as 'no go' to international aid organizations, so
that its victims are left without any life-saving supplies and with no
one to witness what has happened or the regime has done.

WorldNetDaily.com reports that Sudan's militant Muslim regime is
slaughtering Christians who refuse to convert to Islam. The forced
conversions are a source of deep concern for Lady Cox and her organization.

"We are alarmed that despite continuing reports of military offensives
against innocent civilians, President Bush has softened the US
administration stance against the National Islamic Front (NIF) regime."

"The Sudan Peace Act required by April 21st was a decision as to
whether to continue measures designed to put pressure on the regime to
improve its record of human rights and to desist from attacks against
civilians," she said.

"However, without giving any reason for his decision, President Bush has
appeared to have let Sudan off the hook and to believe the regime's
rhetoric that it is operating in good faith."

Lady Cox has visited Sudan, originally working in the Northern Sudan
with Arab Muslim communities developing immunization programs in remote
desert areas in North Kordofan. Since the NIF military coup she has
visited Sudan over 25 times, focusing particularly on the regimes
designed “no go” areas, taking in the medical and food aid and providing
authentic first hand accounts of the suffering inflicted by the NIF on
its own people in areas ranging from Bahr-El-Jahazal in the West, The
Nuba Mountains, eastern and western Upper Nile, southern Blue Nile, and
regions in eastern Sudan inhabited by the Beja Muslim people.

She has testified on many occasions and in many places to the suffering
endured by innocent civilians who have been bombed, by high flying
Antonov (Russian) bombers and the strafing of civilians by low flying
helicopter gunships.

She has walked through many miles of villages reduced to ashes by the
NIF scorched earth policies and seen the anguish of people dying from
starvation and avoidable diseases.

Lady Cox has also been in the “killing fields” around the oil
developments where the regime is carrying out ethnic cleansing of
African tribes living around the areas of oil exploration and development.

"Given such massive accumulated evidence independently corroborated by
other Human Rights and AID organizations, many will feel concerned by
President Bush decision and would like to ask him what are the unstated

Recently a court in Khartoum passed a prison sentence on Lady Cox for
“illegal entry”. Her riposte is that if the regime did not designate
areas as “no go” there would be no need for illegal entry. Lady Cox was
sentenced to 5 years. Undaunted the baroness says she will return to
Sudan despite the sentence hanging over her head.

She frequently addresses the issues in the House of Lords where her
comments are picked up by the British Press. She was featured in a film
produced by the BBC Everyman series, which documented the barbaric
practice of slavery.

In an address before a 1000 orthodox Episcopalians at a Global Missions
conference in Ridgecrest, North Carolina, Lady Cox described the
courage, faith and dignity of her persecuted brothers and sisters in the
Sudan. "I speak for those who cannot speak for themselves," she told her

"Christian persecution is escalating around the world at an alarming
rate. There are 250 million suffering some kind of persecution ranging
from discrimination to imprisonment and torture right through to
martyrdom. Around 180,000 Christians have actually being martyred for
their faith so far this year. For those being persecuted, Cox said their
priority request is always for prayer. "Prayer without deeds is dead.
St. Paul said to the Corinthian Church that when one part of body
suffers all suffers. That is true of the persecuted church."

The baroness condemned what she called, the deafening silence for the
persecuted church. "Our secular confused West is declining in
spirituality. They do not understand and have no understanding of those
being persecuted for their faith in other parts of the world."

The baroness gave graphic accounts of persecution in the Sudan, Nigeria,
Indonesia, Burma and Armenia.

Cox described the politics of hunger and aid. She recalls the words of
one hungry Sundanese man, "Thank God you came. Our homes have been
burnt, the earth scorched."

"Oil revenues are being abused. Money is used to buy helicopters and gun
ships while ethnic cleansing is going on everywhere. All the while
people are becoming Christians by the drove. She said that in the Sudan
11,000 recently came to Christ and seven new churches were started. "In
the ashes of persecution celebration is made. Jihad means forced
Islamazation and forced Arabization. The men are killed and the women
and children are forced into slavery."

Cox said that some moderate Arabs hate what is being done to the Dinkas.
They abominate slavery. "The militant jihad movement wants South East
Asia to go Islamist. If so it will change the whole complex of that area."

"I came, I saw, I heard, I touched and I was moved to do whatever I
could. Please pray for Christians persecuted around the world."

If you would like to learn more about the work of Baroness Cox and
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