Wednesday, April 16, 2003

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Some thoughts on feminism and religion

God could have had a daughter, but he chose to have a Son. Some will say, "Well, if Mary had given birth to a girl, who would have listened to her?" Jesus was rejected anyway. It is a moot point.

God chose to incarnate his Son as a son, because men are images of God's transcendence. Women are images of the Church. It is not a position of supremacy/inferiority or dominance/submission but mutual love and subservience.

Are we to call God "Our Mother?" God does have both feminine and masculine qualities. Do I have to think of my earthly mother as "dad" in order to be able to relate to her? Am I going to start saying "Hail Marios?" After all, women and men both have feminine and masculine qualities. Nonsense.

If a woman wants to marry, she is likely going to want to marry a real man. A real man calls God his "Father," and looks to him as the model for his goodness. And real men want real women. Real women call God "Father" as well.

From A conservative blog for peace correspondent Lee Penn
Rumour from Iranian news service: US starts build-up on Iraq/Syria border

Сайт российский о войне в Ираке (English)
Lee Penn: This is a Russian news site about the war in Iraq; read it, and you
will see a very different war from the one covered by Fox or CNN
. A rumor
about this web site is that it is tied to the KGB, and disseminates Russian
propaganda -- in the same way that the site is
supposedly linked to the Israeli secret service. The editor of "Inside the
Vatican" magazine says of these two sites, "Regarding Israeli and Russian
information sources, we note the existence of two informative web sites, but
stress that both must be used with caution: the Israeli website,
and the Russian website (translated into English at We note that some consider the information found
at these sites "propaganda" disseminated by the Mossad (Israeli intelligence)
or the KGB (Russian intelligence). But both sites often contain early
information about events, before other sources, which later turns out to be
true. So... use these sites with due caution."

That having been said, check out these poll results. The respondents to the site think that Russia will be attacked next (49%) - well ahead of
the next candidate, Syria (35%), The poll is NOT scientific or
representative. But if Russians are the ones reading the site and responding
to the poll, it does show that they fear the US. [End.]

I think officially the KGB (Комитет Государственного Безопастности, Committee for State Security) no longer exists - the Vatican must mean the Russian agency that replaced it.

Демократия по-американски
Democracy, American style
(From MSNBC, through

Patriarch Alexis II’s latest veto of papal trip to Moscow
Lee Penn: Maybe that visit to Moscow and the reconciliation of the RCC and the Russian
Orthodox will happen later rather than sooner.

Interesting quote, given the source:

"Among the many other elements of great interest, there is one regarding the
Khrushchev years. In Catholic lore, that man and those years are enveloped
by a legendary halo. Years of thawing, of dialogue, of peace. The
idealization of Khrushchev is equal to that of the good Pope John XXIII and
his Ostpolitik. In reality, says Alexei II with an abundance of facts and
confirmations, under the direction of Khrushchev 'perhaps the most terrible
period of persecution and repression aimed at killing the church' took place."

If there is "Catholic lore" idealizing Khrushchev, I had never heard of it
.... but of course, there is lots of "lore" idealizing Pope John XXIII.

I have heard rumors that the Patriarch himself was KGB; is that true, or a
calumny? [End.]

All I know is he had a KGB code name, Дроздов, but that doesn't prove anything. So did the US president or anybody in the world who was of high rank. I wouldn't be surprised if he was, though. In Soviet times, there was no way one could become a ranking bishop without the support of the government.

From Dave McLaughlin
Questions Arise Over Return of Kazan Icon to Russia
Vatican looking into where and when the image will go back to Orthodox

From Mike Russell
Baath Badguy playing cards
Just like the ones given US troops - photos of Iraqi government officials, including Chaldean Catholic Tariq Aziz

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