Saturday, April 12, 2003

From Samer al-Batal
Scene of ‘crowd’ in Baghdad toppling Hussein statue: Staged
‘Just like the Berlin Wall,’ swooned the TV talking heads. Yeah, right.

A tale of two photos

An interview with an Iraqi in Baghdad

All hail the liberators
by Harry Browne
Samer al-Batal: To comment on Browne's notes on the shifting justifications and
objectives of this war, I notice how in a time when the war is still not over, and when
even the capital city is not entirely secured, all it takes is an apparently
orchestrated victory party in front of the cameras to impact strongly on a media
audience. Notice how all of a sudden everyone seems to feel as if a resolution
of events has suddenly been reached, and even more bizzare, how everyone has
suddenly grown disinterested in locating the W.M.D.'s that everyone was so hyped
up about from the start. But with the latest media splash of propaganda, the
war is, as I mentioned once before, no longer about such weapons. Hence, what
normally would be a humiliating turn of events that would cause an uproar were
this a war with clearly defined objectives from the start, said development
being the failure to locate these weapons, has now become irrelevant.

In the past, serious men and planners (can there be a serious central plannner,
one may ask?) brooded over the possiblility of an emerging necessity of a
proposed war, with the weight of conscience directing them to carry the burden
of clearly defining the clear reason war must be waged and the loss of life and
troops justified. In such a context, assuming this war was necessary due to the
matter of W.M.D.'s, we should now be seeing outrage and tempers flairing at the
fact that these weapons have not turned up. But with this New World Order
doctrine of war for the sake of war, the "cause" to be served is determined in
accordance with a frivolous attitude of "making up the rules as we go along".
If we find no W.M.D.'s, well then it never was about weapons, it was about
"liberation"; we'll define the war's purpose according to what turns up at its
conclusion. Ludicrous!

Anarcho-tyranny in Baghdad
by Llewellyn Rockwell

From Lee Penn
Major letdown: Vatican official sells out to NWO on world government
Apparently based on the politically naive disaster Pope John XXIII's Pacem in Terris. Ugh.

U.N.'s Role Needed Now More Than Ever, Says Archbishop Martino
Favors Multilateralism in Diplomacy and Development

ROME, APRIL 11, 2003 ( In the wake of the military intervention
in Iraq, a Vatican official says a world authority that will ensure peace and
promote the development of peoples is more necessary than ever.

Archbishop Renato Martino, president of the Pontifical Council for Justice
and Peace, said: "The crisis situation of the U.N., caused by the war in
Iraq, does not contradict but reinforces the appeal in 'Pacem in Terris' for
a world political authority."

He made his comments when addressing a meeting that commemorated the 40th
anniversary of the publication of Pope John XXIII's encyclical on peace.

The meeting, held at the Lateran University, was moderated by Cardinal Angelo
Sodano, Vatican secretary of state.

Archbishop Martino believes that "the common good is a qualitative moral
concept that calls for an appropriate world political authority."

However, he clarified that "the U.N. is not a super-state or a super-court;
rather, its essence lies in the participatory process of construction of this
universal authority."

Quoting a 1965 address of Pope Paul VI, Archbishop Martino explained that the
United Nations "is the obligatory path for modern civilization and world

The archbishop, who for 16 years was the permanent observer of the Vatican to
the United Nations, explained that "it is time to undertake a constitutional
engineering of humanity so that the United Nations can carry out its
irreplaceable role."

To achieve this objective, "it is necessary to favor multilateralism, not
only at the diplomatic level, but also in the area of development plans," he

This requires "the desired revision of the very structure of the United
Nations, so that all the member states will find sufficient guarantees of
respect for their interests and -- as 'Pacem in Terris' underlines -- of
respect of the principle of the dignity of all nations and peoples," he

It should be a "subsidiary world authority" to guarantee "a manner of world
government that favors peace."

Archbishop Martino concluded by explaining that "the weakening of
international organizations might imply a weakening of the consciousness of
being one single family."

From UPI
Saddam Hussein was a longtime CIA operative

Today in Church History: A Terrible Crime and Sacrilege
April 12, 1204: The Fourth Crusade sacks Constantinople, an allied city (against the express directives of the Pope). The attack virtually destroyed the Byzantine Empire and ruined any hope of reunifying eastern and western Christians. Recently Pope John Paul II asked forgiveness for this crime.

Rank BS
But among them all [the Greek Orthodox Christians in America], as Ecumenical Patriarch, we desire to single out one man who sums up your love for the Mother Church, for Orthodox culture, for the highest Christian ideals, Senator Paul Sarbanes. We express our fatherly pride in this accomplished son of the Mother Church; for his unwavering pursuit of righteousness and truth in both his public service to the Church and to the people of the United States of America. 'Well done, good and faithful servant!'
- Bartholomew I, Patriarch of Constantinople, at a banquet in Baltimore, 1997

Mr Sarbanes is pro-abortion and voted against the partial-birth abortion ban (so did Maryland's other US senator, Barbara Mikulski, an alleged Roman Catholic). Your All-Holiness, orthodoxy isn't genetic and doesn't depend on how much money one donates. I know you're understandably grateful for the contributions that keep you from getting bombed out of Istanbul for just a little longer, but with all due respect, get real.

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