Monday, April 14, 2003

From Samer al-Batal
Some stories from

The myth of precision bombing

More on the same subject

From Lee Penn
Former Sec. of State Eagleburger: Bush should be impeached if he invades Iran or Syria

From Lee Penn and Dave McLaughlin
Gnosticism and the struggle for the world’s soul
by Fr Alfonso Aguilar

The ‘War of Liberation’: An unmitigated Catholic defeat
by John C. Rao

What kind of nation sends women into combat?
by R. Cort Kirkwood
One that's gone barking mad. I heard Brian Mitchell, a former Regular Army officer, speak on this subject in person back in 1998. He wrote the book Women in the Military: Flirting with Disaster: 100% common sense. Mr Kirkwood writes: 'That women do these things doesn't mean they should; it just means the military has been feminized and civilianized, as any military man will admit after a few shots of Jack Daniels at the Officers' Club, and of course, after his commanding officer leaves.' Mr Mitchell agrees: the generals and admirals all know women don't belong in combat but can't say it owing to political correctness, and the hypocrisy has driven out career soldiers like him.

Mr Kirkwood on the homecoming of Pfc. Jessica Lynch: ' one asked a simple question: What in heaven's name was a hundred-pound girl, barely out of pigtails and high school, doing in a combat zone?'

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