Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Humour from The Onion
Saddam Speech Suspiciously Mentions Nelly Song From
Last Summer

Also, this blurb: 'NBC Moves War To Thursdays After Friends'.

Affirmative action goes before US Supreme Court
Do the right thing: get rid of racial quotas.

NBC, MSNBC, National Geographic sack Peter Arnett
'I said over the weekend what we all know about the war.'

Has bin Laden recorded a message regarding Iraq?

From lewrockwell.com
What war on the ground is really like
by James Glaser, former US Marine, Vietnam veteran and VFW post commander

The stopped clock: another example
Robin Williams blasts Bush

Pope asks Beatle to pipe down
The thought of the light in the Pope's apartment coming on and him walking out onto his balcony - maybe in a nightshirt and one of those stocking caps with a tassel on it - and telling Sir Paul 'Keep it down! I'm tryingk to sleep!' cracks me up. And Sir Paul, being the mannerly schoolboy at heart that he is, would stop the band in the middle of 'Jet!', say, 'Yes, Your Holiness' and start singing 'Here, There and Everywhere' or 'Yesterday' instead.

He's the only Beatle I've ever seen in person - only 20 feet away. Linda was still with us at the time and she was indeed lovely.

Progress in Catholic-Greek Orthodox talks

Speculative fiction by a Byzantine Catholic from the Net
It's the year 2050; the Holy Father [the Pope of Rome] has convened another Council to restore the [Catholic] Church. The Latin Church in the US and most European Countries has been divided by a great schism. Those who remained faithful to Rome were removed from their parishes in most circumstances and are priestless, many have just stayed with the "New Church" as it is called. The African, Latin and Asian Conferences Stayed with Rome, but are still plagued by dissent; many bishops are "ordaining" women and allowing laypeople to preside and "consecrate" eucharists.

[Me: Too close to call. I've heard threats of such a schism for 20 years. It could happen.]

The Eastern Catholic Churches were also wrenched with schisms as well. The Ruthenian Metropolia [in the US] was split down the middle; one part going under the Newly Established American Patriarchate (a union of the OCA, GOA, ROCOR, AA, and all the other canonically recognized Jurisdictions) and the other part staying under Rome, but putting a final ultimatum down that if full and complete autocephally is not granted with this next council that they will completely leave Rome. His Excellency Metroplitan Makarios declared, "that the horrendous abuses, against the divine and holy Orthodox Catholic Faith, of the Latins and the continous historical disregard for the terms of the Unias by Rome force us to make a historical decision: either to return to Orthodoxy or see results with this Council that meet our demands."

[Me: Not gonna happen. The Ruthenians don't identify with the Orthodox and would never join them. They're going away in America anyway as their ethnic members assimilate and they perversely drive away traditionalist newcomers. No, they'll just disappear as a group. I'm not saying that's a good thing - just that it is.]

The Ukrainians stayed with Rome with the proviso that the Pope crack down on the dissenting Conferences and restore the liturgy under consultation with them. The Melkites completely broke from Rome with only a few parishes left who were placed directly under the Pope who appointed a Exarch for them.

[Me: Plausible.]

The Russian Catholic Church, the third largest Eastern Catholic Church, has completely spread throughout the Russian Federation. It has spread through the efforts of Vladyka Nikolai who valiantly championed and almost offered his life for the rights of the Catholic Church in Russia.

[Me: Doesn't seem very likely but then again 100 years ago neither did the Russian Revolution and a brutal forced secularization of the Russian people during which the Russian Orthodox Church nearly was exterminated. Maybe the majority, who are unchurched, would do as this person says. But I think the Russian Orthodox Church obviously has a better chance of reaching the Russian people, and anyway, since Balamand, aren't the Catholics not soliciting in Orthodox countries anymore?]

The Russian Orthodox Church (MP) in aggreements with ROCOR in Russia decided to jointly elect a new Patriarch that is satisfactory for both parties. After the election ROCOR canonically recognized the Patriarchate and dissolved its separate identity by a final Synodical decision.

[Me: IMO just a matter of time now that the USSR is long gone.]

What is prelest’?
From Russian Orthodoxy: ‘Wisdom, be attentive’

Got to give them credit:
United Church of Christ peace page with crucifix and prayer