Monday, April 21, 2003

National Network to End the War Against Iraq

Baghdad’s self-proclaimed mayor promises Islamic laws
To Mr Bush: Wasn't it extremist Muslims and not secular rulers like Mr Hussein who staged Sept. 11? < sarcasm> You sure showed them. And I'm sure Iraq's Christians are thrilled. < /sarcasm>

Not that Shrub and his Protestant rah-rahs care.

From A conservative blog for peace correspondent Lee Penn
News of the weird: Pat Robertson spins geopolitical tales
Sounds like the chaplain for the Shrub administration. < high horse> Ha ha, they misspelled 'Tigris'. < /high horse>

Rowan Williams apologizes to Masons
It turns out the Protestant archbishop of Canterbury doesn't think Freemasonry is so bad after all. Shame.

From The Rockall Times
Spot the weapon of mass destruction
Move your mouse over the map to get on-the-spot analysis.

From the Net
'In 1946 during a gathering of youth at Fatima, Sister Lucia was asked by a young Russian girl how the conversion of Russia would come about. She stated that the conversion of Russia would come through the Orthodox Church and "the Oriental rite", meaning the Byzantine Catholic Church. This statement does not appear to be generally known.

'While the "conversion of Russia" does not mean an abandonment of the Byzantine tradition for "conversion" to Roman-rite Catholicism, many believe that it does imply a reunion/reconciliation between the Catholic Church and the Russian Orthodox Church.' [End of Catholic quotation.]

Tikhvin icon of Mother of God begins journey from Chicago home to Russia, with stop at St Tikhon’s Monastery in Pennsylvania
History of the icon

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