Wednesday, April 09, 2003

On ‘the fall of Saddam’ and ‘liberation of Iraq’
My point remains. I was fairly sure that Iraq would fall to the US relatively easily and that not many Americans would die there. That wasn't the main point, though lives wasted in an unjust war are something that cries to heaven for justice. Nor am I stupid enough to claim Saddam Hussein was a great guy. That point was and is the US has no right to go on wars of conquest for propaganda purposes (sorry, but when did Iraq ask to be ‘liberated’ by Shrub, or more accurately, Shrub's handlers, Messrs Cheney, Rumsfeld and Co.?) and empire-building. Wars not really for national defense. So Iraq becomes an American protectorate - New World Order 2, liberty and national sovereignty nil. (The first point was scored during NATO's war on Yugoslavia.) Perhaps this is the NWO's payback for the Arab countries nationalizing the oil fields, taking them from the British back in the days of NWO, Mk. I (the British Empire). So where is Mr Hussein hiding out anyway? BTW, flag-wavers, Osama bin Laden is still at large.

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