Thursday, April 03, 2003

Rachel Corrie Memorial

Russia advises Iraq on US war plan; predicts ‘crisis’
by Martin Sieff
Comment from Russian Catholic friend:

The money quote is at the bottom:

"With this in mind one other, sobering conclusion of the GRU analysts may
prove significant. The March 30 report concluded, "Russian military analysts
believe that the critical (point) for the U.S. duration of the war would be
over 90 days" -- in other words, after mid-June -- "provided that during that
time the coalition will sustain over 1,000 killed. Under such circumstances a
serious political crisis in the U.S. and the world will be unavoidable."

Kyrie eleison.

Christians for Peace blog

Eastern Orthodox catechism online

From Dave McLaughlin:
Third and Second Romes quarrel
Moscow vs. Constantinople (Istanbul).

Armenian Apostolic Church site
Armenia (Hayastan) converted to Christianity before the Roman Empire did, making it the world's oldest Christian country.

Catholic James Akin takes apart Calvinism, a pernicious but brilliant system, logically airtight if you buy its premises (symbolized by the floral acronym). It's basically what the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), the Free Church of Scotland and the Revd Ian Paisley believe today.

Jean Calvin was the Aquinas of Protestantism. I'm sure his system, formative in the Anglo-American cultural ascendancy one still sees today, has caused a lot of depression and turned many souls away from God with its pessimism while its flip side, the arrogance of the WASP 'elect', manifested itself in the US at the expense of Native peoples, Hispanics and southern and eastern European, Catholic and Orthodox, immigrant workers. (Don't worry, I haven't turned Communist - far from it!) It's what motivated the Pilgrims to set up their would-be theocracy in Massachusetts, reacting against a Church of England they thought was still too Catholic. One commentator online wrote that it made Robert Louis Stevenson, who grew up with Presbyterianism in Scotland, an atheist by the time he was 23.

On the Continent (for example, Holland), it became known as capital-R Reformed, while in England and America it was Congregationalism, which in time, buckling under Calvin's severe, insane doctrines, shattered into the very liberal United Church of Christ (in America) and Unitarian Universalism, which doesn't even pretend to be Christian. (Unitarianism was invented in a time when everybody was expected to go to church - 'Enlightenment'-era freethinkers made up a church of their own.) 'Calvinism always dissolves into Unitarianism', as a saintly former Episcopalian, Archbishop Robert Morse, has put it.

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