Monday, April 14, 2003

Well put, sir
A former friend who was a formative influence on my views had this to say today about the whole sorry mess in Iraq:

Yes, the conventional wisdom this week from NPR, CNN, Faux News and the
rest is that we are are already beginning to see first of the many and
varied "dividends" -- all good, of course -- from the Iraq invasion,
including, we are told, some slight wobbling in the knees from other
despots like Kim Jong Il.

While there is probably an element of truth here, this sort of thinking
is incredibly short-sighted. So, while the blood of both dead Americans
and Iraqis is barely dry, and the museum looters are still running
through the streets of Bagdhad with busted pieces of Hammurabi's chamber
pot, the giddy elite news media is apparently ready to pronounce this
whole undertaking nothing less than an unqualified victory for the
forces of truth, justice and GPS-guided munitions.

This is foreign policy viewed at the level of a Saturday-morning
: The one-dimensional, totally evil (yet predictably inept),
caricature villains are routed by the totally virtuous heroes, whose
motives are entirely pure...(and whose stuff is a lot cooler, too.)

All this takes place with virtually no adverse long-term consequenses,
and is resolved tidily in one 22-minute episode. Just in time for the
next round of sugary cereal and made-in-China action figure commercials.

I can see it now...

'Next up on Fox Kids: Mighty Morphin' Foreign Policy Rangers...Brought to
you by Neocon Crunchies with Mesopotamian Marshmallows. (Part of your
complete breakfast.) Now, with a make-believe Weapon of Mass
Destruction, Drone Plane of Death, or Baath Badguy trading card in each
specially marked box... Collect them all... Trade them with your friends!' [End.]


Yeah, 'Drone Plane of Death' - as if Mr Hussein could have conquered the US (he had no plans to) with little balsa-wood drones that could barely go over the Persian Gulf (if that), let alone halfway around the world. As the lefty cartoon 'This Modern World' by Tom Tomorrow has Shrub and Dick Cheney say, 'Here are the keys to the White House, O mighty conqueror'. Please.

Like FDR (insert spitting noise here), Mr Bush has latched onto the big popularity boost (and distraction from problems at home, like a depression) from being a 'wartime president' - the propaganda 'news' services above are saying a whopping majority of the American sheeple support what he (or really, his handlers like Real President Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld) is doing.

As for Mr Kim, my guess is it's like Red China vs. Taiwan. He could destroy South Korea (with nukes?) but not really conquer and rule it.

From both Lee Penn and Dave McLaughlin, coincidentally received by e-mail simultaneously
Rumour: Pope and Patriarch of Moscow might meet

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