Sunday, April 20, 2003

White rapper who does not look or sound stupid
England's Mike Skinner, a.k.a. The Streets - hip-hop with a North London accent. The first white rapper I've liked since Ireland's House of Pain over 10 years ago.

NOW are against double-murder charge in Peterson case
Why is that not surprising, coming from one of the Pro-Murder Movement's biggest groups?

The Times of London reports that on May 24 three of the four excommunicated (on a technicality, not for heresy) Society of St Pius X bishops, including SSPX superior Bishop Bernard Fellay, will come to an official agreement with the mainstream Roman Catholic Church. The article is a little condescending, making it seem Catholic traditionalism is largely about Latin. Something the mainstream media often do. What one wonders is if this development is really an endorsement of traditionalism or just a patronizing offer to become part of a religious smorgasbord - to be on the same team as the liberals.

SSPX says story is not true

‘God bestowed upon his glorious Mother the blessedness of the two states of human nature; for she possessed the innocence which the first Adam lost, but also enjoyed after the most excellent manner the Redemption which the second Adam obtained for men’ - St Francis de Sales

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