Monday, April 07, 2003

Why are we in Iraq? The neoconservatives made us do it
by Bruce Murphy

Ex-CIA director: US faces world war

Russia furious over shooting incident

North Korea and US on slide towards conflict

10 reasons why US can’t attack North Korea

Julian-date Annunciation
Поздравляю всем русским православным с праздником Благовещения пресвятой и пренепорочной Богородицы Марии! [Cyrillic (Windows)]

The Queen as ‘fountain of honour’
What's interesting is the person is the fons for orders of chivalry, not the government, and that applies even if the king or queen isn't reigning but hasn't abdicated. Interesting parallel to apostolic succession, though the latter (in the Eastern Orthodox view) depends on being in the context, the membership or communion, of the Church. (In Eastern Orthodoxy there are no games about 'valid orders' outside the Church.) Another example of a trace - but only a trace - of the medieval, sacramental, Catholic worldview in modern Britain.

Patriarch of Moscow calls for Orthodox unity in Western Europe

Can Catholics fight this war?
by Christopher Manion
Another look at Bishop John-Michael (Botean) and Archbishop Edwin O'Brien.

Quote of note:

‘Catholic Americans have been lied to before. Students at Catholic University in Washington supported Woodrow Wilson’s re-election in 1916 because he lied to them about his intentions regarding World War I. Midwestern American Catholics supported Franklin Roosevelt’s re-election in 1940 because he lied about his intentions regarding World War II. Hundreds of thousands of Catholics fought for "freedom" in that war, but, when it was over, FDR betrayed more than one hundred million Eastern European Christians to his friend and ally Josef Stalin. The road to the Viet Nam war started with the assassination of elected, Catholic President Diem in a coup orchestrated by the U.S. State Department. It goes on and on.’

Why I fly a US flag from my porch
1. Peace is patriotic.
2. I do respect and care about our soldiers - which is partly why I don't want them over in Iraq.
3. I believe in 'the republic for which it stands' - the peaceful republic trading with all and entangled with none envisioned by the founding fathers.
4. Lastly, aesthetics - I am thankful to have an Edwardian house's front porch from which to fly it.

Parody from The Rockall Times
Armchair generals call for reinforcements

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