Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Apparently the US is now on 'Orange Alert' for terrorism and there are attacks in Saudi Arabia and Palestine. Well, what could one expect since W and his handlers have repeated the exact thing that got Osama bin Laden p*ssed off in the first place? (Maybe that was their plan.)

From The Onion
Department of Homeland Security deputizes real mean dog

From christianitytoday.com
Today in church history
May 20, 325: Emperor Constantine convenes the first Ecumenical Council in Nicea (now Iznik), Bithynia, to discuss Arianism, a heresy arguing Jesus was not divine. 'I entreat you,' Constantine said at the opening of the Council of Nicea, 'to remove the causes of dissension among you and to establish peace.' The council attempted to resolve the bitter conflict by anathematizing Arius (Arianism's founder) and ordering the burning of all his books, but the conflict continued to rage for decades.

Serbian Orthodox Church to canonize Nikolai Velimirovic

A new slice on physics?

California’s RCs lead the way - to Protestantism
I think Goodbye, Good Men might explain it in part (as it does the gay-priest scandals that made the headlines last year) - liberals manufacture or aggravate a 'vocations crisis' by driving away orthodox would-be ordinands (who still exist) and then, having 'created a need', push their agenda. The perfect opportunity for Sister or Ms to play priest - advancing from giving Communion (ugh) to really pushing it. They made Rome blink on altar girls so like Hitler after Czechoslovakia they're even more aggressive.

And that's what it's about for them - you see, liberals are the biggest clericalists who ever lived. (The orthodox, OTOH, are sacerdotalists as Fr George Rutler puts it.) These gals want 'prelacy', not episkope - it's not about the apostolic ministry, but POWER. 'I am woman, hear me roar.' No, thanks.

They've outprotestanted middle-stump Anglicanism AGAIN.

From A conservative blog for peace correspondent Lee Penn
NY Gov. Pataki changes mind about joining Masons
Well, that's good.

Vladimir Soloviev vs. Modernism
Pronounced 'so-lo-VYOFF' (Соловьëв). He wasn't perfect (are any of us?) - his Russia and the Universal Church reads in a lot of places like hackwork, an anti-Orthodox screed uncharacteristic of a Russian or of a Catholic - but his Tale of the Antichrist is a good read as is this Catholic article.

Buon giorno!
A big hello to the person in the Vatican who visited this blog today.

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