Thursday, May 01, 2003

From A conservative blog for peace correspondent Dave McLaughlin
He saw it coming, and why
The late Fr Malachi Martin on the war in Iraq and the reasons for it

Abortion in Iraq?
Planned Parenthood want in on the postwar scene

From A conservative blog for peace correspondent Lee Penn
On the gay-priest debacle, one diocese and Opus Dei
The moral of this story: Don’t trust something or someone in the Catholic Church just because it or he claims to be conservative

The few detractors of my sites over the past three years have been very defensive of the so-called 'gay' lifestyle, almost without exception, something the late Fr Martin pulled no punches about long before the scandals about Catholic priests in America hit the news last year. One, with an especial hatred of Fr M, himself is a disgraced sex-offender ex-priest. (A crying shame, since this visibly, perceptibly mars his otherwise orthodox Web apostolate which I have used and acknowledged as a source here several times.) Not surprising at all, now that I and the world know.

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