Sunday, May 11, 2003

From Dustin Anastasios Hudson
120 Christian homes to be demolished by Israeli soldiers

In the news:

US to Syria: Don't be ‘on wrong side of history’
Updated 3:02 PM ET May 11, 2003

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Secretary of State Colin Powell said on Sunday that Syria would find itself "on the wrong side of history" if it tried to destabilize postwar Iraq or continue harboring radical Palestinian groups.

Powell spoke in an Israeli television interview after launching talks with Israel and the Palestinians on implementing a new "road map" peace plan. [End of excerpt.]

Translation (hooray again for Tina Fey): Watch out or we'll liberate the crap out of you.

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Links to my site (to two pages, on praying a form of the Byzantine Hours and a version of the Rosary) on a prayer page by Byzantine Catholic and all-around good guy David Brown

Неделя святых жен мироносец
18 лет тому назад, в этот день в церковные календаре в первый раз я был на византийской Божественной Литургие - «Служба Божий» в Украинской Католической церкви, парафия св. Иоанна Крестителя в Випани, Нью-Джерзи. Слава Богу.

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