Monday, May 12, 2003

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On the rebirth of Russia
by Charley Reese
Real heroism and liberation.

Why I am not a Republican
As in 'supporter of the US Republican Party', that is, the folks who brought you the Iraq war. The other day in the 'shout outs' below (do please add your comments!) good friend Dustin Anastasios Hudson called on me and others to support the GOP, saying it supports 80% of what I believe in while the Democrats support maybe 10%, and he thinks it is prolife. (Obviously I'm not a Democrat either.)

My answers: no, it doesn't and no, not really. Republicans haven't really stood for things I stand for at least since the 1950s, in the good old days of Robert Taft, the man who should have been President. I'm not even so sure about Barry Goldwater, considering how liberal he became in his old age, though at the time (1964) I would have voted for him. The party still pays some lip service to these ideals but is really nothing but another backer of the welfare/warfare state, tax-and-spend, big-government semisocialism and Keynesian economics, the only differences with the Jackass Party being that it advocates doing such things at a slower pace and favors the military-industrial complex. Ronald Reagan, for whom I voted in 1984, promised a balanced budget and only dug us deeper into debt because he so favored the military. (He had his strong points, though, about the 'Evil Empire', and his 'Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall!' speech in Berlin was a shining moment, moving me while the old film of the mannequin JFK's mangled German at the same spot does not.) Plus there are now the neocons (the big backers of Reagan, Bush and now Shrub) - retread New Deal liberals who defend FDR's abandonment of the principles of the old republic. Unthinkable in the GOP of Robert Taft. And unlike the Republicans of old, like Wendell Willkie, they are hawks, often of the chicken variety, sending others overseas to die.

As for prolife, it's nothing but cynical manipulation of the voters - party leaders know the prolifers have nowhere else to go. They couldn't care less. (Fact: California liberalized its abortion laws when Reagan was governor.)

So, good friend, I opt out of supporting the American Tory party.

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(Her Majesty’s Canadian subject and a better American than many Americans)

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