Friday, May 16, 2003

Съ праздникомъ
Happy feast day of St Theodosius of the Kiev Caves, Russian Orthodox - the father of Russian monasticism.

What I’m listening to
'Bolero' by Ravel, on the radio. A cliché now but amazing when played well, like the version Torvill and Dean skated to when winning the 1984 Sarajevo Olympics. Trivia question: What inspired Ravel to write it? The answer is no, not that, ha ha. He was inspired by a visit to... a 19th-century steel mill! Specifically, by the rhythm of the machines. Maybe that rhythm's resemblance to, uh, that is just an example of the natural order of the universe, which of course points to the existence of God.

More fun music trivia: Barry Manilow didn't write 'I Write the Songs'.

Point to ponder
Why have drive-up ATMs (cash machines) got Braille on them?

From today
Cutting the BS on ‘date rape’
Common sense from the late, great Murray Rothbard.

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