Sunday, May 04, 2003

Фомино воскресенье (Антипасха)
«Господь еси и Бог мой!» - св. апостол Фома, от Иоанна 20.28

It is a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead, that they might be delivered from sin. - II Maccabees 12:45

From A conservative blog for peace correspondent Lee Penn
Tony Blair: president of Europe?
by Pat Buchanan
The day Britain gives up the pound will be the beginning of the end - if it happens, they might as well have lost World War II.

Where the faithful have no voice
Just like what Ford Motor Co. did to Michael Moore in Roger and Me: 'When TFP member Norman Fulkerson attempted to voice his concerns about the unorthodox teachings he heard, Faithful St. Louis shut off his microphone.' Another example of illiberal liberals, or the difference between liberality and liberalism. Faithful St Louis are part of Voice of the Faithful, a group of Roman Catholics who basically are mainline Protestant wannabes, while TFP on the other hand have as their goal the restoration of medieval Christendom.

From The Wanderer
‘My friend, you are damned’
A word spoken in love
by Fr Joseph F. Wilson

A final word from good friend Dustin Anastasios Hudson to that sex-offender ex-priest about his attitude - Dustin's holy wisdom predictably was deleted from that man's blog:

1) That person didn't mention you by name so why did you out yourself as the person in his blog posting? [Right! Which words specifically made him think I was writing about him? There are several men active online who are regular contributors and acknowledged sources on this blog.]

2) He's right that you spend too much time defending whatever happened between you, that person, and the aftermath last year with your bishop. You should just have said, 'I made a mistake many years ago. I was not convicted of a crime, but I am making reparation for any guilt I had associated with the event, and this website is one way I am helping the Church.' Not, 'Well, so-and-so said this, this bishop shouldn't have done this to me, etc. etc., and boy am I hurt.' [Exactly. Thanks!]

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