Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Apostles Bartholomew and Barnabas (Julian calendar)
St-Jean Baptiste (Gregorian calendar, and a special holiday in Québec)

Съ праздникомъ! Happy feast day to all!

Statism does not create man — it destroys him
by David Forte

Flight 93 Memorial Chapel
Its priest founder apparently has gone vagante (story) but it is still a beautiful monument in the Pennsylvania countryside to these Sept. 11 victims. It looks like there should be an icon or the Reserved Sacrament behind that lamp. The chandeliers certainly would look right in an Eastern Orthodox church!

Iraq: back to the Dark Ages
What Bush hath wrought. Then again, Protestants of his kind don't think the Chaldean Catholics (80% of Iraq's Christian minority) are Christians.

Serbian Orthodox accept Pope’s apology
For Croat crimes during World War II.

Russian Orthodox cemetery in New Jersey vandalized; culprits caught
From May 2003: Childish mischief did serious damage.

From blog correspondent Lee Penn
All Belgian hospitals, including Catholic ones, must have euthanasia
Lee Penn: The Culture of Death spreads. First the Netherlands, then Belgium then .... where?

UN admits condoms don’t work
Lee: I am not surprised at all by these findings. It is standard that, when evaluated as a birth-control method, the failure rate for condoms is 10-15%.

Rhetorically speaking, the only thing one need wear for 'safe sex' is a wedding ring.

Full text of Kasper the unfriendly cardinal’s speech
In which he waffles on apostolic succession.

Lee: Is the Vatican preparing to say that Anglican orders are valid, in whole or in part? Is that now on the negotiating table? It makes me think that the favorite Vatican shoe is a flip-flop, and its favorite breakfast food is a waffle.


Richard Harries disses the Eucharist
Old news but significant. Ironic coming from a man whose see gave the Oxford Movement its name! Incidentally, I met him there once. The Real Presence is so out of style, he says, but being 'gay-friendly' (ugh) is in.

More up to date:

Nigerian Anglicans reject England’s appointment of gay bishop
Maybe objectively he's not a bishop, but unlike Dr Harries, Archbishop Peter Akinola sounds like a real 'reverend father in God' nonetheless.

Fun with spam
Re: Fwd: Stop debt today (eloquent origin) from Tiennot Nashira
Looks like an example of Engrish - an attempt at English by Japanese not fluent in the language.

Please don’t tell anyone
OK, your secret's safe - I've deleted your e-mail.

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