Sunday, June 01, 2003

Благодать Святого Духа есть свет, просвещающий человека.

The grace of the Holy Spirit is a light that enlightens mankind. - St Seraphim of Sarov

Looks like Mr Bush has been in Europe this past week trying to drum up support, including from Mr Putin in Russia, for planned aggression in Iran. Pray.

Touchstone - ‘Mere Christianity’ online - has a blog
And the angels rejoice - the link has been added to the bottom of this page.

From David Virtue
World’s Anglican primates say no to gay weddings
GRAMADO, BRAZIL--It’s official. The Primates meeting here have declared
in a Pastoral Letter that rites for same-sex unions have no theological
consensus, and "therefore, we as a body cannot support the authorization
of such rites."

Good. But King Harry's sect is still up to some tricks. David Virtue continues:

Williams waffles on homosexuality in new biography
Ironically just as the Primates deep-sixed rites for same-sex unions, a
biography of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams was
published this week in which he again affirmed homosexuality in
committed relationships.

Dr. Williams said he believed that the Church of England should change
its mind on homosexuality in the same way that it has already altered
its teaching on slavery, hellfire, usury and marriage after divorce.
Williams believes that faithful gay partnerships should be accepted by
all Christians who endorse [artificial] contraception
. [End.]

Funny how, even though the practitioners of each are of course mutually exclusive, people usually dissent from the apostolic faith on both issues.

A new Internet and snail-mail scam
I remember when I still had AOL I'd get cleverly made e-mails from thieves pretending to be AOL, complete with links to almost convincing websites, telling one to give them one's credit-card number or one's account would expire. Now AOL itself can be pretty low (they basically scammed me out of one month's fee the first time I tried to cancel) but I knew they wouldn't have websites written in broken English or send e-mails through ISPs in Third World countries.

Now in the post, I think owing to an unsavoury Web customer I had some unpleasant dealings with earlier this year, is something that looks and reads like a bill, from 'Internet Corporation Listings Service' ( - it's actually sales junk mail, which it admits in about 7-point type somewhere.

I've got similar things before - pitches from politicians and companies in the form of mailings that look like they come from the government - but never anything so blatant.

An orthodox, catholic rebuttal to Walter Kasper
To his remarks quoted in an entry last week.

Harsh but objectively true:

'Nothing but ordination by a bishop whose ordination has come down from the apostles can possibly make a man a priest. Dissenters have no ministry.'
- Notes of Instruction to Candidates for Confirmation, by a Priest, Church Sunday School Union, 1882 (Anglican)

To which Eastern Orthodoxy adds the inseparability of orders from membership in the community of the Church.

This issue came up recently on the Orthodox and Byzantine Catholic discussion board linked at the bottom of this page.

Eastern Orthodox ecclesiology and sacramentology are of communion.

Claiming a 'line of succession' from an Orthodox bishop through somebody who later left the Orthodox communion, donning Byzantine Rite vestments and otherwise putting on the right 'Orthodox' airs do not equal 'an Orthodox church'.

Such, without the context of the community of the Church, is garage-church vagante theology, really a bastard (not a legitimate form) of Western Catholic ecclesiology and sacramentology, and is not Orthodox at all.

'Anybody who's Byzantine Rite and not Catholic' is a common working definition of 'Orthodox' but I think that's ignorant and actually not fair to the Eastern Orthodox.

Troll alert
Apparently an Internet 'troll' with fixations on me and on homosexuality, and who likes to pretend to be me online, has signed me up to something called the 'GLBTOrthodox group', I think on Yahoo. Sounds like a funny kind of sandwich to me, but nevertheless, I and A conservative blog for peace have nothing to do with this group, whatever it is.

McCartney a dad again - at 60

Bob Hope centenary
The comedian turned 100 Thursday, and as Mark Steyn explains, in his day, Hope was hip

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